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15 Questions - Developed by: David and Margaret - Developed on: - 12.242 taken

A quiz to determine how mature your views on relationships really are.

  • 1
    Do you use the "baseball field" for reference?
    Back in my day - we had to hit stones with tree limbs.
    Of course, what else is there?
    My older siblings talk about that... I like the <insert local sports team>
    Who uses metaphors?
  • 2
    Where's your favorite make-out spot?
    Wherever our parents can't see us
    In bed
    Oh you silly kids
  • 3
    Can you tell your boyfriend/girlfriend you love them?
    Of course! He's my boyfriend/girlfriend - but I don't love John/Sally - that was last week.
    I love my mommy!
    Eventually - or I'm not with them anymore.
    Of course, He/She is the only one I ever loved...
  • 4
    You're at a make-out party and it's your turn to go in the closet... do you say...
    Are we going out/ boyfriend - girlfriend now?
    What are we supposed to do?
    I don't make out with minors...
    Do you think we can fit both wheelchairs in the closet at the same time?
  • 5
    It's party time, what do the girls wear?
    Short Skirt, tank, and sparkly make-up
    A nice hat, new panty hose
    Sun dress.
    As close as you can go to camel toe.
  • 6
    Now it's time for the guys to party... they wear:
    Big brother's clothes
    clothes that Still don't fit right
  • 7
    Are you a good kisser?
    It never stops there...
    Kiss? Why would I do that?
    Frank told Bonnie who told James who told Margaret that I was the best kisser ever.
    It's amazing what dentures can do.
  • 8
    What is Kinky?
    Is that a new board game?
    Back seat
    Is that a new board game?
  • 9
    You want your best friend's boy or girl, so you...
    Ask them if they both want to come over and play Lego's.
    You keep quiet.
    Bewitch your best friend's meds.
    Spread it around the your best friend made out with someone else.
  • 10
    When I go to a party, I like....
    Bingo and Prune Juice
    Flippy Cup/Beer Pong/Quarters/Champaign
  • 11
    Do people have a crush on you?
    The oxygen tank delivery person winked at me.
    I seduced my friend's ex.
    I have a crush on my teacher.
    I don't want no scrub.
  • 12
    What's your favorite body part?
    Liver spots
    Inside of thighs
  • 13
    What is romantic music:
    She will be loved - maroon5
    The Hokey Pokey
    Unchained Melody
  • 14
    On a weekend you...
    have a "play" date
    have a play date
    go to the mall and movie
  • 15
    For the people you love, you would...
    miss the early-bird special
    help them move (bodies)
    sneak out of the house
    let them play with your toys and share your snack

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