The Brilliant Ancient Greek Dramatis Personae Test

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Are you Antigone, Oedipus or worse? Find out before you go leaping in your kothornoi...

  • 1
    Do you feel that something is horribly wrong somewhere?
    No, my son is dead.
    Yes. I'm hanging from a pillar in my cell even as we speak.
    Yes, I am stuck in a tree wearing a wig. It's a very tall tree, too.
    Not any more.
    No, not at all
  • 2
    Are you really good looking?
    My sister is better looking. Grrr. I'm going to kill that pretty Trojan captive, though.
    I can't think about that right now. Indignation burns me.
    Mmm, hell, yes.
    Um, no, not lately. I am extremely smart, though.
    Go away, you damn sissy.
  • 3
    Have you done anything wrong?
    Critics still fight about that.
    Certainly not. I had a good time through and through, too.
    Oh yeah? And what about him?
    I can't tell you, my face's been torn to pieces.
  • 4
    Are you male or female?
    Who cares? I'm HOT. (Wink).
    I don't know any more.
    Female, but my daring is male.
  • 5
    Is life good?
    No, not that! You can't tear that off! Ouch!
    If one is powerful.
    If one obeys the heavenly laws.
    Yes. It sucks something awful for mortals, of course.
  • 6
    So, what's your tragic flaw?
    Truculent stupidity. Youth, they say charitably.
    This question does not apply to me.
    Complacency? Poor parenting?
    Well, he killed my daughter. What's HIS tragic flaw?
  • 7
    How were you born?
    Through incest.
    My mother miscarried, struck by lightning.
    Ask my sister if you want a story.
    Don't ask.
  • 8
    What do you like doing?
    Destroying households and turning people into beasts is good.
  • 9
    Have you been rewritten?
    Not successfully. Pater has a character based on me, though. Very dainty (wink).
    No, I'm too fragmentary.
    In antiquity.
    Yes, a record number of times.
  • 10
    Mmmm, beastly.
    Fie, beastly!
    HE is beastly!
    Not beastly at all.
    Ouch, beastly!
  • 11
    Who's your daddy?
    By the way, Aegisthus, who's your daddy again?
    Cadmus is my granddaddy.
    This is demeaning!
    Doom's my daddy.
  • 12
    Did Aristotle like you?
    Not consistently.
    I don't care at all, but at all.
    (Gurgling blood).
  • 13
    You would most like to own:
    A grave.
    The corpse of Orestes.
    A brain.
    I own everything and everyone.
    An army to kick my uncle's ass.
  • 14
    What do you like?
    Animals and women.
    I'll tell you what I don't like...
  • 15
    Do you like sex?
    Let us not talk about that.
    I don't know yet.
    You make me suspicious.
    Yes, but so does HE!

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