Emotional Test: Are your emotions really stable?

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You may feel angry, sad, happy etc. But can you control your emotions? Take this quiz and find out.

  • 1
    You see people picking on someone that you may not even know. However, it angers you. What do you do?
    Defend the one being picked on, and tell the other people to shut up and mind their own business.
    Run over to the people picking on the person and punch them in the jaw.
    You've been picked on yourself, so who cares about one little person you don't even know! They could handle it themselves for all you care.
    Remember how when your picked on, you get no help from anyone and walk away sad.
  • 2
    Your brother or sister needs help on their homework and asks you to help them. What do you reply?
    Yell at them and tell them you have your own problems.
    Tell them you got your own homework, ask Mom or Dad.
    Sure, what do you need help with?
    Say no and then pretend to hear your brother/sister mumble something and beat them up.
  • 3
    Your friend forgot his/her lunch money and asks you if you have any to give them. How do you reply?
    Slap them for asking you such a stupid question.
    Sure, just pay me back tomorrow.
    How do I know you're not lying. You could just be wanting my money and have your lunch money all along!
    Laugh in their face and tell them how stupid they are to forget their money.
  • 4
    The girl/boy you like is flirting with one of your friends. How do you respond?
    Take him/her aside and tell them your true feelings towards him/her.
    Get angry with him/her and yell at them.
    Just forget about him/her, they probably weren't worth having anyways if he/she is flirting with THEM.....
    Put your head in your arms and cry about it.
  • 5
    One day you decide your whole life is pointless. You are sad and your girl/boy just left you. What do you do to try to cheer yourself?
    Talk to someone about it.
    Punch something like a punching bag or a wall and take out all your anger on it.
    Cry until your eyes are red and eventually become so depressed you kill yourself.
    Laugh your way out of it, and forget it even happened.
  • 6
    There is one annoying kid in your school who you can't stand. One day, they annoy you to the point where you feel like taping their mouths shut so they can't speak anymore. What do you say or do to this person?
    Complain about how the world is always picking on you.
    Ask the person why they annoy you so much. And then, even though you still hate them, and probably will forever, talk to that person about it.
    When the person walks outside, jump them.
    Make fun of them and see if they'll stop.
  • 7
    There's a kid that thinks that they are all that, and one day, walks up to you and starts telling you how much better they are than you. How do you react?
    Laugh a little, then dismiss them back. But after a while, explain to that person that you are just as equal as they are.
    Walk away, you know you're better than they are, because if they really were better than you, they wouldn't waste their time telling you.
    As a tear rolls down your face, scream at them "Why are you so hurtful?.......YOU ARE SO MEAN!"
    Say "If you got something to say, don't say it behind my back, say it to my face......so I could punch you in your jaw right there."
  • 8
    You get off your bus with a girl you rarely talk to. Your houses are in the same direction, so you walk the same way, but avoid each other. Out of no where, a bunch of bullies start with her. What do you do?
    Join in with the bullies.
    Tell them to leave her alone and if that doesn't work, forget it.
    Protect her. It's only fair, even if you pay a price for it, you know you were helping someone out.
    Continue avoiding her, and let her handle it yourself, you've got your own problems.
  • 9
    People are spreading rumors about you for no apparent reason, it saddens and angers you. What do you do?
    Find the source, and then talk it out with that person.
    Find the source, and then jump them.
    Find the source, and ask how you could improve yourself.
    Find the source, and say look who's talking.
  • 10
    What did you think of this quiz?
    It was a good test. It may help me out with some problems I am dealing with emotionally.
    It was okay...
    It was pointless, but I was bored and needed to waste time.

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