Cheese Shortage test

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How exactly would you cope in a cheese shortage? Would you rejoice? Would you end up in the nut house? Find out here!

  • 1
    Your flat mate/relative comes home from the supermarket and declares a cheese shortage, and couldn't bring any home. You...
    So, it's just cheese
    roll into a ball and shake
    scream and start punching a pillow
  • 2
    The next day, you walk into the kitchen to make cheese on toast, and suddenly remember the shortage. You...
    Sob like a baby until someone brings you a bar of chocolate
    Looks like it's just toast for me today... oh well.
    become angry at the fridge and then start crying and hug it saying 'I'm sorry, I know its not your fault'
  • 3
    You are walking in the park when you stumble upon a piece of paper with plans to steal the remaining cheese and chuck it in the sea. You...
    Scream, then faint with the paper clutched in your hand
    Turn it into the police. Could be serious!
    Instantly begin plotting ways to intercept the cheese transport, then punch the living daylights out of the driver.
  • 4
    So, you have been without cheese you a week. What do you say?
    cheese, must have cheese. BANG BANG BANG. hehe.
    *holding hammer* I'm late, for err, a ... err, yes. Bye!
    Why are you taking this to be such a problem? Get a life.
  • 5
    You wake from a dream about cheese, and discover you are craving it and can't sleep. What do you do?
    kick your wardrobe hard and hobble back to bed
    roll around on the floor singing, 'here we go round the cheesy bush, cheesy bush, cheesy bush!'
    Read, always helps me keep my mind off bad situations. Not that its that bad...
  • 6
    You end up home alone for the day. What's on your mind?
    I wonder who will win the next general election....
    If I found someone had cheese, well, I'd kill them I would!
  • 7
    You are in a supermarket, and happen to see the vacant cheese shelves. What do you do?
    throw your basket at it. These shortages just make you so angry...
    hug the shelf and sob, 'WHY? WHY THE CHEESE?' and hiss at anyone who comes too close
    I'm sorry, which cheese shelf?
  • 8
    You are in the high street and see a person eating cheese. You
    Who has cheese? oh, him. Oooh, what a lovely top!
    Hug their leg and beg for a little of it. Then when they refuse cry and bite them
    go up to them and point two fingers at their head and say in a threatening voice, give me the cheese, or I'll shoot'
  • 9
    You start seeing cheese everywhere, everything is made of cheese. You...
    fall to your knees and scream, 'YES! YES! IT'S ALL OVER!'
    try to chew a piece of a cash machine
    Go straight to a hospital
  • 10
    You have been without (real) cheese for a month. How are you coping?
    Why do you keep asking me these questions? I'M FINE!
    I have cheese, see, *hold out a selection of coins and bottle caps* SEE! HA! HAHA! meep!
    You have cheese don't you, yes, you do... why I ought to...

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