What Kind of Music is Your Kind of Music?

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Ever get tired of listening to the same stuff over and over? Ever wonder what else you may enjoy? This quiz is for you!

  • 1
    Which best describes you?
    Social Butterfly: bubbly, excitable
    Soulful: passionate, deep-thinking
    Brainy: knowledge-oriented, intelligent
    Dark: moody, observing
    Party-Hardy: adventurous, fun-loving
  • 2
    Pick a Group that matches what you listen to best:
    Snow Patrol, Keane, Coldplay, Paul McCartney, Elton John
    Blink 182, Simple Plan, Traffic, Dance/Trance
    Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Linkin Park, Chevelle
    Hilary Duff, Kelly Clarkson, certain Oldies, Jesse McCartney
    the Doors, Fiona Apple, Vanessa Carlton, the Cure
  • 3
    Your idea of fun:
    Talking one-on-one w/a close friend, reflecting on life
    Hanging with friends; mall or movies
    Writing and thinking
    Discovering stuff, doing cool science labs
    Big parties or driving w/loud music
  • 4
    Which appeals to you the most?
    Deep blue, night, black
    Sky blue, pink, yellow
    Magenta, red, orange
    Green, gold, aqua
  • 5
    You listen to music
    With friends, driving
    Studying, driving
    While writing or thinking
    At parties or late at night
    By yourself, getting out emotion
  • 6
    Favorite subject in school
  • 7
    You like to see yourself as...
    Observing, Analytical
    Intelligent and Mature
    Enthusiastic and spontaneous
    Friendly and optimistic
    Deep and compassionate
  • 8
    Why did you take this quiz?
    You were bored, and this quiz is already losing your interest
    To compare the results with the reality
    To experiment with new sounds and find something new about yourself.
    To find out new music
    To discover something new about self and friends
  • 9
    Which movie do you like the best of the following or would you most like to see?
    American Pie
    The Godfather
    Catch me If you Can
    Sweet Home Alabama
    Silence of the Lambs
  • 10
    Which electronic do you most want or most love?
    A car
    Cell Phone
    I Pod
    New Car Stereo system
  • 11
    You hate
    Anything boring or monotonous
    Anything reflecting the stupidity of society
    Anything shallow
    Anything dark and brooding
    Anything overly happy or sappy
  • 12
    An automatic turn-off for relationships...
    Someone detached or narrow-minded
    Anyone who cannot relate to you
    Someone w/o commitment or the mind to think a little bit
    Ugly looks and/or body
    Anyone overly prude or stingy
  • 13
    Which would you like most to try?
    Getting into psychiatry
    Going on a game show for money
    LSD or some dangerous drug---just for the trip
    Dating someone totally new but compatible with you
    Skydiving or race-car driving
  • 14
    Your worst nightmare...
    Being forced to take a whole year of grammar for kindergarteners
    Accidentally going to school naked
    Going to a huge social event
    Being stuck in an isolated cabin for 2 weeks
    Being embarrassed in front of a huge crowd of people
  • 15
    The following makes you happiest:
    Having someone to trust
    Huge crowds or concerts
    *sigh* love
    Being adored by someone special
    People appreciating the work and writing you do

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