What kind of personality do you have?

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This is a test to see whether you are a jock, a genious, a punk-rocker, a partier, or a "best friend" Answer honestly!

  • 1
    Your mom says your grounded for not doing your homework, but your allowed to talk on the phone. Which of these five things are you most likely to do?
    Beg and plead if I can go out. There's something going on I'm missing!
    Stay at home, but call your best friend and talk for hours.
    Try and sneak out, but if I can't, I'd just stay home and do nothing.
    Try to sneak out, but If I can't, I'd stay home and play my guitar, listen to the radio, whetever.
    Stay at home by yourself and read a book, or play video games
  • 2
    Favorite Magazine?
    Entertainment Weekly, Star Magazine- I love the gossip.
    Rolling Stone or anything that isn't Family Cirlcle
    I read books, not magazines. But If I had to pick, probably Time, and Newsweek
    Sports Illustrated
    Teen Beat, People Magzine., National Geographic
  • 3
    What's on ur iPod, MP3 player, or cd player?
    Classic rock or altenative music. Green Day, Blink 182, Metallica
    Classical or songs that were good 5 years ago
    Hip Hop, Eminem and 50 cent
    The latest techno beat
    Whatever's on the radio. Ryan Crabrera, JoJo, Jessica Simpson
  • 4
    At a party, where are you most likely to be?
    With a close groups of friends chatting about what happened this week.
    Trying to fit in, but usually pushed out.
    Near the center and only attracting attention by doing something stupid
    The Wallflower
    Right in the middle talking to everyone.
  • 5
    If a friend of yours was being bullied, what would you do?
    Tell someone immediatly! That's really mean!
    Don't tell anyone.
    Try to tell someone, but they usually dont do anything about it.
    Tell someone eventually.
    Maybe tell someone, but that's the kid being bullied's responsibility.
  • 6
    Do you know what the word abstruse means? Don't look in the dictionary!
    To be honest, no. But I'll look in the dictionary if you want me to.
    Do I care?
    Ummm, isn't that a color?
    Yes I do! It means "hard to understand!"
    I think it has to do with the weather
  • 7
    What's your opinion of Michael Jackson?
    He's a little scary and should be sent to jail. So he doesn't hurt kids again.
    I think that guy should be locked up.
    He probably should be sent to jail for what he did, but he was so awesome long ago.
    Ewww, that guys a creep. Did you hear what he does to his kids!
    I've never heard of him. Is he a country singer?
  • 8
    Do you trust those ads that say "You've won a free iPod!" or other gift?
    No, those things give you spy ware and have been proven to be fake.
    Yah! That's how I got mine!
    You can get a free gift! Where?
    I usually don't trust pop-ups, so No
    I wouldn't believe it. Those things cost like $400 dollars. How can they give them out for free?
  • 9
    Where's your favorite place to eat?
    Any place with a bar. And a dance floor
    Anywhere where the bread costs more than $10.
    A local restaurant where I can trust the waiters and cooks.
    Red Lobster or Olive Garden. I like to eat rich once in a while.
  • 10
    Who is your favorite U.S. President?
    Ummm, George Washington because he was brave during the Revolutionary War.
    George W. Bush. That guy is hilarious!
    Abe Lincoln, because he stood up for the little guy.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt because he helped the economy during the Great Depression.
    James Monroe. Because he told other countries to "step off"
  • 11
    What's is your favorite subject in school?
    Lunch and Recess
    Music and Art
    English, or some other Foreign Language class.
    Math and Science
    Social Studies and World Cultures
  • 12
    Out of these places, which would you rather be?
    At a professional football game
    At a Science Fair
    Hanging out with your friends
    At a rock concert,
    At a dance
  • 13
    Great, your teacher caught you talking in class!
    You have to take a note home to your parents. What do you do?
    Forget about it. Stupid teachers!
    Forge the signature because my parents said if I get another demerit, I'm going to boarding school.
    Don't worry. I always get these because I'm so talkative.
    Take it home, crying. You've never got one of these before.
    Get it signed, no biggie.
  • 14
    Favorite color?
    blue or red
    yellow or white
    purple or pink
    green or orange
    black or brown
  • 15
    Last Question. If you were to insult someone, which of these would you use. (Sorry if I offend anyone)
    You Stupid, Stupid-head!

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