But I Can't Get Over Her!

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The worst thing for guys is rejection, right? Well, you know you may be getting into something bad, but you can't get over her. How do you know if she likes you? How do you know where it's going? Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    What's the history behind you two?
    We don't have one. It's all pretty new.
    We're pretty tight, when it comes down to it.
    It didn't work out at all last time. But she's hot now.
    Oh, geez. We've really been at each other and fought. (Why do I still like her?)
  • 2
    Why do you like her?
    I hate to admit it, but I love to be with her. Period.
    No clue. She just gives off an aura...
    She seems alright. Alright, more than alright.
    She is so freaking hot, and things were awesome before.
  • 3
    How does she act around you?
    She is awesome. Nice...I pretty much tell her everything.
    Kind of normal. But she smiled at me yesterday.
    Nervous. And sometimes she gives me death stares.
    She seems to try really hard to talk to me. Otherwise, she ignores me.
  • 4
    Which is she most likely to do?
    Flick me off/flirt vigorously. She's schizoid or something.
    Call me just to ask how my day went.
    I seem to see her between classes in the halls a lot. And she knows stuff about me I never knew she knew.
    Catch me staring and look at me funny.
  • 5
    How does she look at you...especially if she's caught staring?
    Curious, but really intense. And she has trouble keeping eye contact with me.
    I never catch her staring. But definitely curious.
    I really think she hates me. She doesn't like to watch me, or else she doesn't let me see.
    Oh, all dreamy. Her eyes are sparkly.
  • 6
    Do you think you have a chance with her?
    Probably. If I did something really cool on her birthday. (Time to review what she likes and doesn't like)
    I hope so, but sometimes I think we couldn't be more than friends.
    I don't know. She seems to like me, but sometimes I'm convinced she just hates me.
    Yeah. I hope. Actually, no way.
  • 7
    Why did you take this quiz?
    I hate to admit I like her (again) unless I know I have a chance.
    I really feel something for her. And I'm not always sappy like this.
    I am so flipping confused. This girl has got me all but obsessing.
    She's blowing my mind...
  • 8
    How do you look at her? Come on guys, fess up. We know you stare!
    I don't know. But it makes me mad; she talks to other guys and not me.
    I probably do stare. I don't know. But I just wish she wouldn't ignore it, and I just kind of want to know about her.
    I can't help it! I just do!
    Am I supposed to be doing something I'm not? Okay, I might blush a little...
  • 9
    Has she changed since you've known her?
    No. And I like it that way.
    Yeah. She glows. But I'm not sure she knows I think more of her than I have before.
    She's hotter.
    I just met her, but she gets sexier every time I dream about her, if that counts.
  • 10
    And you think she feels...
    Scared. I know she likes me again, and I could easily have her if I wanted.
    More than happy to go to a school dance with me...as friends.
    I don't know. She seems to really like me. But then, why is she so cold?
    ? I have no clue?
  • 11
    Have you ever tried talking to her?
    I wish! I'm hoping she does the honors first.
    It came out like "um...y-y-y um...never mind."
    All the time. Every night, when I'm bored, etc.
    Yeah. But it must come out wrong, because sometimes I get no response, or a bad one.
  • 12
    Does she ever talk to you?
    Sometimes. She asked me about our homework today!
    I think she tries real hard. But I get tongue-tied, and I think she thinks I hate her, and I act like a moron anyway.
    No. And when she does, I feel weird.
    All the time, like I said.
  • 13
    Why haven't you pursued her yet?
    If she hates me, she'll break my heart. She's really spited me before; I never told her, but I went home pretty upset.
    NO! That would involve talking to her, Stupid!
    I've been weird about it. I don't think she'll ever let me near her again
    We're friends. It doesn't seem right.
  • 14
    Were you mean to her before?
    Of course not. She's a freaking goddess!
    I might have done something to make her dump me...or the other way around.
    Yeah. A little more than just a little. Geez, I wish I hadn't.
  • 15
    What was the cause of any problems you had before?
    We fought once over which ice-cream place to go to.
    Our relationship just got whacked up.
    I thought she liked me, and I started being mean to her. Or the other way around.
    I can't talk to her. I act like a dumb queer. Other than that, none.

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Jeramiah Alexander ( 48.19 )
Posted 7 days ago
It's a 47% chance that I want her back. So basically I don'the. It also said believe it or not, she might like me. I'm black, she white. But we still ment to be together. No matter what. I really don't care anymore but now that I know that she actually likes me, ima try her out again cause we have been together but she dumped me for a very stupid reason and it's another piece of [BEEP] in mind.
Eye Ripped ( 4.213 )
Posted 253 days ago
I have a new girl . AKA freaking hot