Why am I still single?

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Ever wonder why you can't get a man? Ever wonder if love is in your stars? This is your quiz!

  • 1
    Your favorite thing to do:
  • 2
    The last time you had a major crush or a boyfriend...
  • 3
    Why do you think you don't have a boyfriend yet?
  • 4
    Who do you usually fall for?
  • 5
    In two words, you are most closely:
  • 6
    You are most ashamed to admit..
  • 7
    Your crush starts being mean to you for no reason. It hurts, but you can't just let him pick on you, so you...
  • 8
    You would most like to know what it's like to (or you most enjoy to):
  • 9
    You become most nervous when...
  • 10
    You consider yourself...
  • 11
    Do you feel insecure about not having a boyfriend?
  • 12
    You most enjoy reading...
  • 13
    When you dream of him, you dream about...
  • 14
    Do you stare at your crush in class?
  • 15
    Why did you take this quiz?

Comments (25)


unknown (08771)
7 days ago
My result: You don't have a boyfriend because you don't really want one. 

Thats why....
Martha (55255)
10 days ago
It was legit correct! God....I should ask him out!!!!!! TYSM😀😀😀😀😭😀😀😀
ladonna williams (22175)
14 days ago
hi my name is ladonna m williams i got a question how can i find love again
Harriet (73915)
35 days ago
For 47 % you are: In terms of emotions, you're still in middle school. Stuck in a world of infatuation and nervousness, you rarely approach the guy you like. You need to focus on your confidence. Life isn't about always being accepted, and even if he says no, you'll gain more confidence just for having braved it up and asking. Get past this idea that your emotions are in danger; take a chance, or you'll regret it forever. You'll find that you regret what you never did more than what you did. And trust me; once you start being more confident, you'll find a boy who likes you who you can like back, too((red) I AM THE MOST CONFIDENT PERSON I KNOW!!!!!!
Nickki (95343)
55 days ago
Too picky, that is the reason but I will find the want one who I really trust. Thank
Zsofia (91564)
61 days ago
I am single because I'm cupioromantic or somthing?
Margareth (34401)
62 days ago
I am not in middle school! I was many years ago, men just suck.
Eva (again!) (55286)
117 days ago
My previous comment was my test results, and I'm pretty happy with them!! Kudos to the author of this test for being so upbeat and encouraging!
Eva (55286)
117 days ago
Why am I still single?

For 40 % you are: Hello to Ms. Independent! You are confident, happy, and you radiate. Tons of guys like you; you don't even know it. You probably just think they're your guy friends. You probably don't have any idea when a guy likes you; you spend so much time shining on in your own unique way, that when a guy likes you, he could beg and you still might not get it. You are brilliant and there is no one else in this world like you; you are probably the dream girl of many guys. But slow down to focus on them, and give them special attention, before you automatically decide that it's not worth your time. You'll find someone soon.
.mimi hollins (86757)
148 days ago
Social media has taken and consumed people's lives so much that no one really knows what a real date is like how to socialize with people everything is so online technology it makes it so easy for people to lie and manipulate catfish ,hurt people.. . I miss the old way
Kaelynn (86287)
150 days ago
I am a emo and pretty girl but mean and independent I cant learn to let my color shine through or be nice it's not me
Bobby (30850)
170 days ago
Question number 2 is unrelatable to me I was in a relationship and the guy cheated on me then broke up with me before I found out
Ash (93549)
188 days ago
I want a Boyfriend, im a girl
Annie (32111)
332 days ago
Question number 2, I can't answer it. None of the answers apply. I had a great relationship but he died.
Charlotte (24480)
399 days ago
Okay I got 'Ms, Inderpendant' which said stuff like you probably have loads of guys that like you and you think they're just friends, Now I'm really worried cause I actually do have a lot of guy friends and to be fair there is one that I like but what if he thinks I like another one of my guy friends,
Jae (39082)
422 days ago
if you are a serious person and wants to be my friend you can reach me on facebook. Jae Ellah :)
Jae (39082)
422 days ago
I hope I could fine the right guy
Someone who will be my first and last :)
Sadly Single Man (14360)
460 days ago
Well for a Good man like me that had really Hoped to meet a Good woman to settle down with to have a family still hasn't happened yet which i really do Blame the type of women that we now have out there these days Unfortunately since i have No Reason to ever Blame myself at all. After all, it does Take Two Too Tango. u
Kristen lewis (27647)
478 days ago
My results weren't clear but the bottom one is more like me.i am ms.independent and I am so busy being unique that I don't even know a guy likes me I just think they are my fiends and I like this Guy named Chayden what do I do he found out ones and I talked to him and he didn't even act like it bothered him but I told him that I didn't like him because he is friend with almost everyone at school and I thought he would balb to the whole school and tell them that I liked him. What do I do now I still like him but now I like this guy from church.
Marie (90667)
500 days ago
This test is aimed a kids... Im a thirty something lady, many of these questions need more options, none apply