Test Your Level of (In)sanity

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Are you mad, crazy, bonkers, deranged or REALLY insane? Or maybe you are like most of us – perfectly well-balanced, thank you very much…

  • 1
    When you are completely alone at home, what will you do?
    Read a book, surf the Net, watch TV, just lazing around... what else?
    Hmm... my house looks dull... I know, I'll paint all the walls PINK!
    "Come out, come out, my little friends... *insert evil laugh here*"
    Go to a corner of your room, sit down and face the wall until someone comes back (if you can do that without blinking once... well... then erm... good for you... I think...)
    Run around the empty house screaming while pulling at your hair... because you just LUUURRVVEE echoes soooo much! (and maybe even manage to calculate the speed of sound at the same time)
  • 2
    What would you like for a pet?
    *still screaming*
    The most poisonous, venomous, destructive, monstrous, deadly, gigantic, gargantuan, enormous, huge, colossal... (okay okay, I'll stop now...) monster-creature-beast-alien hybrid ever! Muahahaha!
    A nice kitty or puppy would do just fine.
    A cute Pikachu or Togepi or Iigglybuff... *squeals in delight*
  • 3
    Pick a colour.
    The darkest colour of all... blacker than the blackest of any blacks... or even better, the blackest black of the blackest Black Hole of the blackest black sky in the blackest black universe!
    Blue... or maybe purple... I don't ...
    Wha...? *blinks furiously to recover from facing the wall for 4 straight hours*
    Erm... does this question have anything to do with this quiz?
    Ooohh... I want pink! Pink! PIIINNKKK!
  • 4
    If given a choice, where would you migrate to?
    Oh oh... I pick DISNEYLAND! *starts singing 'Someday My Prince Will Come' while waltzing with the mop*
    I loooveee my home too much to leave; the walls are GREAT for echoes and staring at!
    I'm fine here, thanks.
    On my monster-creature-beast-alien hybrid, I'll fly to the blackest place in the blackest Black Hole of the blackest universe and oh, I'll terrorize everyone on my way, too.
    Paris, London, Cairo, Rome, New York, Tokyo, even Antarctica... anywhere’s better than here.
  • 5
    When someone accidentally bumps into you and apologizes, what’ll be your reaction?
    Ignore him/her.
    Oh, I'm sorry... oh... you're wearing that pink dress I've been dying to buy for ages! *tries to pull dress off*
    Who dares touch me? Don't you know who I am? The evil, vindictive, powerful, mighty Lord of the Black Hole! Kneel down before me, NOW!
    Oh, it's all right, I wasn't looking too.
    Ohh... it's you! By the unusual angle of 47° that Saturn is tilting towards Jupiter, I foretold that I would come in close contact with a fortunate soul in the auspicious hour of eleven in the morn! Behold, the Sun casts your shadow which lies at the angle of 83° along this faithful lamppost. I foresee that you will ask me a very important question concerning my lifelong happiness... *person runs away screaming hysterically*
  • 6
    Favourite time of the year?
    Halloween... oooooooo... My costume will be the best of all - because there is no costume! I am truly the Lord of the Black Hole and you shall all bow to me! *cackles evilly*
    School days, so I learn all sorts of Theorems and Laws and see my favourite mathematics teacher!
    The days where I can calculate out exactly the speed of sound in air...
    Christmas, definitely.
    My birthday! So I can decorate my house with pink streamers, pink balloons, wear a pink dress, have a pink frosting cake, blow out pink candles, receive pink presents... Oooohh...! (and how old are you, I wonder?)
  • 7
    Who's your idol?
    Great physicists
    Muahahaha... the Lord of the Black Hole obviously! (like myself)
    Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp... *drools*
    My mum/dad/older sibling
    My reflection. (really!)
  • 8
    Fill in the blank: I am ______.
    the Lord of the Black Hole
    a pink fairy princess about to have her pink tea party with the handsome blue (finally, another colour!) prince!
    someone who is THIS close to finding out the speed of sound
    just another measly person polluting the Earth
    a human being (duh)
  • 9
    What do you usually dream of when you sleep?
    Becoming the Lord of the Black Hole and casting everyone else into oblivion
    I am the Greatest of all Physicists because I found out what's the speed of sound in vacuum. (please, there's no sound in vacuum)
    Nothing, I usually have dreamless nights.
    I don't know... I usually don't remember them after I wake up
    That I am Sleeping Beauty with a pretty pink gown dancing with my Prince Philip
  • 10
    You know, setting all these questions and answers, I’m starting to think that I’m a suitable candidate for application at a mental institution too. Well, on a lighter note, what do you think of the quiz?
    Are you kidding? It was fantastic! Though it would be better if the words were pink... Oh look, what's that? Aaahhh... a pink Pikachu! *runs after it, squealing*
    It was a total waste of my time! I could be on my twenty-sixth experiment to find out what's the speed of sound! Aaarrgghh... Never again, will I take one of these lousy, stupid, wretched, heinous... (blah blah blah... by the way, the speed of sound in air is about 330 m/s, it won't change however many times you experiment with echoes)
    It was okay, I guess. Hilarious too.
    It... totally... sucked. BIG TIME.
    I can't see yoooou... I'm in the Black Hole, remember? *gropes around wildly*

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