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Who are you most like? Luke, Leia, Anakin, Padme, Yoda.

  • 1
    If you were living with an old Aunt and Uncle who suddenly got killed by sandmen, would you:
    Look at your dead Auntie, then hit the road you're free!
    -What? I'd have run away long before that......
    Kill the sandmen!
    Cry...and call for room service!
  • 2
    If your Aunt and Uncle had gotten killed by Sandmen, would you:
    Go into shock, and move to Naboo? (It's safer there)
    Go wander until you found something to do with your life?
    Go kill them, kill them all?
    Say " dead, they are."
    Cry, and call for room service?
  • 3
    If you were being stalked by a bounty hunter would you:
    Learn some new skills and chop them to bits.
    Gather your Jedi Council and ask them what to do.
    Get a body guard.
    Yell into his face "WHO SENT YOU? TELL ME NOW!"
    Use yourself as bait (for the good of the people of course).
  • 4
    If you were kidnapped, how would you escape?
    Fight and get your hand cut off, then wait for help.
    Kill them, Kill them all....NO WAIT! I'M ON THEIR SIDE!
    Wait to be rescued, then become a senator - instead of a queen.
    Leave a message in a droid.
    Use your Adrenalin and surprise everyone with your sudden moves- despite Arthritis!
  • 5
    If you were about to be killed, would you:
    Blame it on the movie directors.
    Wrap your hair in buns so it'll decay nicer.
    Join their side.
    I'm not about to be killed! I'm too smart- they can't catch me!
    Give in to your heart's desire.
  • 6
    If you were elected to become Queen, would you:
    Say, "I 'm willing to serve. The Republic needs me!"
    Say, "Okay. Just as long as I have servants!"
    Think up an evil plot to kill the Jedi's.
    Say, "But I'm a boy!" (it's all the directors fault)
    Say, "HA! TOO OLD, I AM!"
  • 7
    If you bumped into an ugly Gungan, would you:
    Say, "Gross! It's a giant frog! What happened to the Ewoks?"
    Say, "You're just about as ugly as me!"
    Kill him till he's dead! (ha ha!)
    Say, "I'm PRETTIER than you!"
    Talk about Diplomacy.
  • 8
    If you wanted to barter for slaves, but didn't have money would you:
    Cut off pieces of him, till he agrees.
    Demand that he has to obey Royalty.
    Flutter your eyelashes.
    Beat up the dealer and threaten him to free the slaves.
  • 9
    Are you:
    A puppet?
  • 10
    If you could have one weapon, what would it be?
    A light saber.
    Room Service (does that count?)
    A Decoy.
    My mind.

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