Do You Have It All?

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This quiz is hilarious. Take it and see if you are truly It.

  • 1
    You look up at the stars and think...
    They're so far away, and yet, I see them so clearly...
    You know, that star light is millions of years old
    Oh dear freaking goodness it is flipping cold out here
    Time to go out and drink a few strong shots.
    That's nice! A star. whoopee
  • 2
    A girl in your class makes random and stupid comments. You think...
    How funny! I'll just join in!
    I feel better about myself now
    How retarded. She ought to be killed for her waste of space on Earth.
    I'm hysterical!
    She's so dumb it's funny. Boy it's nice to not be her.
  • 3
    The boy next to you lives in his Gameboy. He has no life. Just a Gameboy. You think...
    He is ruining the vibes of the valuable learning experience in this valuable classroom environment.
    Poor kid is socially retarded (then laugh)
    Aww...maybe I'll talk to him
    Sucks sucks sucks to be you!
    Shh! I'm too into this game!
  • 4
    You often wonder about...
    What you're going to eat for snack time
    People and human behavior
    What new music I'm downloading next
    Wonder? I'm brain dead.
    If the kid next to me farted
  • 5
    Geeks are...
    So just like me.
    Smart...well, sometimes not
    The most retarded people on earth
  • 6
    Your opinion on drugs:
    I've always secretly wanted to try an acid trip
    No No just say no drugs are things that really blow
    Drugs Are Really Enjoyable (DARE)
    whatever. it's your choice, dude.
    Fun for parties
  • 7
    Quizzes on whether or not your socks or out to get you, or other outrageously dumb quizzes like that are...
    Really stupid and created by someone with no life
    A waste of my time. Which is why I've never taken one.
    So much fun! I'm addicted!
    Eerily accurate
  • 8
    Your favorite color...
  • 9
    At a school dance, you are...
    Dancing with random people just to party
    Talking and standing in one of those dance-floor shy loser clumps
    I was never at the dance because school dances are really completely moronic
    Talking, chilling, dancing a little
    On the wall alone, like a wallflower
  • 10
    The following two insulting names that you can give a person are the funniest to you:
    Dimbo and fudge monkey
    Butt munch and quack
    Profane words that are not here
    Little stupid (as in "Hey, little stupid!") and doffs
    Fruitcake and Freakazoid
  • 11
    You've always secretly wanted to go to...
  • 12
    A geek threatens the most popular girl in school. He says, "I am going to cut off your head and leave your blood spilling on the floor." You think...
    What a sadistic and dark little twerp
    I'll help him!
    Ha-ha. Very funny, idiot. Now please shut up.
    Uh oh. That's not good *laugh*
    Why would he want to do that to me?
  • 13
    Favorite candy of all of these...
    Those big lollipops they give out at amusement parks
    I so do not eat candy or even think about it. I only eat tofu, because I am a health nut. And if you tempt me again, I will hurt you, punk.
    Bubble gum tape
    York Peppermints
    Cotton Candy
  • 14
    Music is...
    I forget
    Life. I live it.
    Really good. I love banging stones and rocks together
    Listening to my shower run. Alone
  • 15
    You think you are...
    Hyper, active, happy!
    A moron. But it's okay, because at least you recognize it.
    On drugs half the time
    Dark, deeply depressed, and you mutilate yourself every fourth blue moon.

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