What's Your Character?

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Are you the glamour girl, the jock-ette, the nerd or the girl every guy wants to take home to meet his parents?

  • 1
    You break a nail.
    Whatever, a nail's not important for sports events.
    I'll never, ever break a nail. I'm never careless.
    I keep my nails short and neat... so they're in no danger of breaking, aren't they?
    AAAAAAHHHHHH! It's the end of the world! *sobs hysterically*
  • 2
    What're your grades like at school?
    Any grade that'll allow me to stay on the track team.
    Pfftt... clothes and boys are more important then education.
    Straight As all the way!
    I'm averaging between As and Bs at the moment, so I'm quite okay.
  • 3
    If your Maths teacher wasn't present because of a cold...
    To the mall, girlfriends!
    Think it's too bad, but feel a little happy at the same time.
    Oh no! He was supposed to teach us the XXX Theorem today! I was so looking forward to this lesson! *decides to pay him a visit and force him to teach you the theorem*
    Head straight for the gym for a work out.
  • 4
    What's your prom outfit?
    Sweats and running shoes.
    Anything that's suitable, elegant and matches my date's outfit.
    The Maths Club jersey.
    An expensive Versace gown that'll definitely stand out.
  • 5
    Your pesky little sis wants to borrow a bottle of nail polish from you. What do you do?
    Nail polish? Sorry, don't have any. But you can borrow those dumb-bells if you want to...
    Get away from my dressing table! All my things are OUT OF BOUNDS!
    It depends on the volume of the nail polish you wanna use... Hmm... if you use 0.5 ml on a nail, that makes 5 ml for your 10 fingernails. Plus the toenails, the big toes use 1 ml of it, the smaller toes... *sister dozes off*
    Of course you can, just remember to give it back to me after you've finished with it.
  • 6
    Your date makes a snide comment on your dress. Your reaction?
    I will never be asked out by any guy. EVER.
    I spent HOURS choosing this outfit, and you dare tell me that it's what your grandmother would wear! *dumps water on him* GET OUT OF MY SIGHT NOW!
    Flash a sheepish grin and retort jokingly that his pants look weird on him.
    Dress? I never wear a dress... only sweatsuits...
  • 7
    Favorite magazine?
    Glamour, Vogue, Cosmopolitan
    Any one that features sports
    Reader's Digest, National Geographic
    I don't usually read magazines (I read books)... but if I do, then I guess those mild (teenage) gossip types suit me...
  • 8
    How do you introduce yourself to someone you've just met?
    Sorry, I've got no time for this; I've got to rush to a Maths Club meeting... hey... d'ya wanna come too?
    Hey, what's up, dude? Wanna hit the gym later?
    Hi there! Are you new here? Come on, I'll show you around!
    *tosses hair* Hello, I'm ______... what in the name of God are you wearing! That skirt is so five years ago! Don't let anyone know that you've shook my hand, do you hear me!
  • 9
    What's your life ambition?
    Study hard, snag a job with a decent salary, start a family and live in bliss.
    To be the next Albert Einstein.
    To be the youngest person ever to sweep all the golds in the Olympics.
    To be a fashion designer more famous than Gucci, Versace, D&G and Chanel or a high-paid supermodel.
  • 10
    Last but not least, what do you think of this quiz?
    If this comes if a free D&G skirt, I'll say "FANTASTIC!" If not, then it sucked.
    It was okay, at least I had fun... good try.
    Spending a precious five minutes on it when I could study for my History test that's 2 months away, I'll say it was a total waste of time.
    Whatever, I've got to go jogging now.

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