The biggest Damn Golden Sun Test... Period

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20 Questions - Developed by: Xenolord - Developed on: - 8.250 taken

Welcome to the Third Golden Sun-related test! In these next 20 questions you will test your Know-how of both Golden Sun games.

  • 1
    What is the original title for Golden Sun One in Japanese?
    Not a Silver Moon
    Golden Sun - The Opened Seal
    Lighthouse Reborn
    Golden Sun
    The Trials of the Four Lighthouses
  • 2
    When do you first see Saturos and Menardi?
    Mercury Lighthouse as it is lit
    Vault as you aid Ivan in finding his Shamans Rod
    Bilibin as you go to speak with the mayor
    Vale as you try to get the Elemental Stars
    Vale as you go to rescue Felix
  • 3
    What pattern is present in both Golden Sun games, broken only in the second?
    Sailing...over the oooocean!
    Having to fight Dullahan
    The best weapon being in the last Lighthouse
    Having all four adepts of both genders, except Venus
  • 4
    In Golden Sun One, what is the ideal finishing level? (Ish)
    Mid 20's
    Mid to upper 30's
    Mid to upper 20's
    Mid 30's
  • 5
    Fill in this blank from Golden Sun One: "Are you ___________________?"
    "My father?
    "Crazy, Jenna?
    "Sure, Saturos?"
  • 6
    What are the Lighthouses IN ORDER you visit in Golden Sun One?
    Mercury, Babi, Venus
    Venus, Saturn, Pluto
    Mercury, Venus
    Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Mars
  • 7
    What, or who is the Wise One?
    A god entity who charges Garet and Issac with retrieving the four Elemental Stars from Saturos and Menardi, and returning them to Mt. Aleph.
    A Cyclops.
    That floaty thingy that kills Alex. YAY!
    A rock.
  • 8
    You fight Saturos and Menardi to the end where?
    Mercury Lighthouse
    Sol Sanctum
    Venus Lighthouse
  • 9
    What is Alex's relation to Mia?
    Just some guy she knew
    A former student or hers gone murderer-thief-jerk-off.
    That one blue-haired guy she never talked to
    A former love
    The stereotypical nerd
  • 10
    What happens at the very end of Golden Sun One?
    Issac and Mia have a quiet country wedding on that ship
    Issac and friends defeat the Fusion Dragon
    Saturos and Menardi fall into Venus Lighthouse Beacon
    A WWII Destroyer sees the Lemurian ship as a threat and torpedoes it. BOOM!
    Issac, Garet, Ivan and Mia set sail for Lumuria
  • 11
    What is Felix's first 'Spoken' line of Lost Age?
    ". . ."
    "I'm sorry, Jenna. But Vale, Mt. Aleph. . . There gone."
  • 12
    In reference, where does he say said line?
    In Blood Gulch
    On Idejima, while looking at the Tidal Wave
    At the very end as Issac, Garet, Jenna and Felix look over former Vale in udder horror
    Coming back from Lemuria for the first time
    When the Shaman Village Chief explains Trial Road
  • 13
    What is the first rock you see?
  • 14
    Jupiter Lighthouse is where?
    Somewhere on that find line that borders Sanity, and Insanity
    North-West of Contigo
    In my's all in my head
    On Weyard
  • 15
    What is the Ideal order for the four guardians?
    Dullahan, Sentinal, Star Magician, Valukar
    Sentinal, Valukar, Dullahan, Star Magician
    Valukar, Sentinal, Star Magician, Dullahan
    Star Magician, Dullahan, Sentinal, Valukar
    Dullahan, Star Magician, Valukar, Sentinal
  • 16
    In Golden Sun One, where is Crossbone Island on the ACTUAL MAP? (If you don't know this one, just guess, it's kinda hard.)
    It's that Island that you can see on the map, but never go to
    The Karagol
    In the Eastern Sea
    Far west of Imil
    North of Vale
  • 17
    What does "Cage" do?
    Drain your PP
    Who knows?
    Causes massive explosive damage
    I don't know, it's never worked on me before
    Binds your Psynergy with a less then 10 percent efficiency rate
  • 18
    On Mars Lighthouse, Where do you fight Agatio and Karst in relation to completion status?
    After the Doom Dragon
    About three-quarters of the way through
    Just before the Doom Dragon, like Saturos and Menardi in Golden Sun One
    Half way
    First thing
  • 19
    How much more damage does Formida Sage do?
    Half as much
    It's a variable, depends on Dullahan's luck
    300 times more
    Twice as much
    Excess of 3 times normal damage
  • 20
    Final question, and I in no way expect you to answer this successfully. What was the Doom Dragon's first starring role BEFORE Golden Sun: The Lost Age?
    Golden Sun One as The Fusion Dragon
    The Life of Brian as Mr. Eric Idle's characters
    The 2001 film "Godzilla, Mothra, and King Gihedderon Giant Monsters All-Out Attack!" as King Gihedderon
    The American Godzilla movie
    1990 Godzilla Movie, "Godzilla vs. Mothra" as Mothra

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