What kind of college kid are you?

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This is ridiculous.

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    It's a weekday and you have just gotten out of a hideously boring class. What is the first thing on your agenda?
    I’m on my cell to make plans for the weekend with some friends, then it’s back to my place for a well-deserved drink. Hard day... Hard liquor... it’s only natural that they go hand-in-hand!
    Go home to put on some comfy sweat pants and make a cup of tea
    Go home to put on some comfy sweat pants and make a cup of tea
    Grab a beer out of my fridge, and sit down in front of the TV, computer or a video game
    Collapse onto my bed without even changing my clothes. Give me 2 minutes, and I will be gone for the next 3 hours... at least!
  • 2
    What are your favorite type of kisses? (From your significant other... not Grandma)
    Long, slow, passionate and meaningful
    Maybe a few soft ones on my neck while he/she gives me a neck and back rub.
    Sensual and arousing make-out
    Sweet goodnight kisses on my forehead
    Anything I can get... just as long as he/she is hot! Haha!
  • 3
    It is a Thursday night, and your friends want you to go out with them and do something. What are most likely your plans?
    Hmm... I have a beastly paper due in my 8 am, so it takes some convincing, but my friends are very persuasive. So I guess I can go to the bar, but I swear, guys, I HAVE to be home no later than 12:30 so I can get up at 6:00 to work on this stupid thing. (But as always, I am lying to myself, and I know that I’ll end up staying later anyway).
    We’ll probably just hit up the pool hall, bowling alley, or anywhere we can just kick back and chill, basically.
    You can bet me and my peeps will be shaking it on the dance floor. “Everybody in the club getting tipsy!”
    Going out! HA! Too bad I have 6 journal entries to make up, 2 papers to write, and I seriously should study for that quiz in my 9:45, but Lord knows there won’t be enough time.
    Head straight for Blockbuster’s New Release section then to one of your friends’ house/dorm for a movie and pizza.
  • 4
    On your Live Journal and/or Face Book profile (if you don’t have one, for the quiz’s sake, pretend that you do), what 3 interests would you (or already do) list?
    IM, sleep, summer
    Candles, pajamas, snuggling
    Beer, Halo2, music
    Coffee, exercise, weekends
    Dancing, drinking, parties
  • 5
    When you are at the mall, which store(s) do you typically feel yourself draw to most often?
    Eh, it doesn’t really matter. Wherever there is a good sale.
    Pac Sun/Rave/Abercrombie
    American Eagle/Bath and Body Works
  • 6
    Which type of AIM buddy icon is closest to your own?

    Basically an advertisement for my favorite movie or video game that flashes from a picture of it to the release date.
    A cute picture of me and my boy/girl or pet
    Something I found on home star runner or college humor. Isn't that freaking hilarious? Haha!
    Do I have one? Ooooh. That’s just that generic aim icon that says “You there?” or something.
    A dolls icon in which the girl is dressed so sexy or a baler icon with the little AOL guys playing beer pong.
  • 7
    How about your screen name/LJ name? What all does it involve?
    Something that portrays how much you love to let loose
    Something that has to deal with your favorite beer, band, or activity
    A spin off of your favorite home star runner character or something equally funny that you found online
    Something that implies that you are a stressed college student
    Parts of your name and/or birth date
  • 8
    What is your favorite type of material to wear?
    Rayon and polyester
    Cotton and blue jean
    Am I supposed to actually care?
    Fleece and flannel
    Corduroy and cotton
  • 9
    Which musical artists/performers would you consider yourself a fan of most?
    Outkast, Ludacris, Beyonce
    Coldplay, Counting Crows, Dashboard
    Rascal Flatts, Brian McKnight, Tracy Chapman
    Ben Folds, Cake, Vanessa Carlton
    Dave Matthews, REM, U2
  • 10
    Finally, when do you most often shower?
    Before I go out for the night, for sure. I HAVE to be looking good. “I pulled up wit a million trucks, looking, smelling, feeling like a million bucks-ahh!” Got to love Luda!
    In the morning so I am awake and refreshed for the day
    Eh, it varies. It depends on what I am doing or have done for the day. Sometimes I shower before I go out with my friends, other times I shower afterward before I go to sleep, sometimes I just wait until morning or after class. Just whatever I feel like doing, I guess.
    At night, I take a nice hot shower to get all comfy for bed.
    Between papers and projects, whenever I get a chance. I guess it’s almost like a weird reward system where I force myself to finish a certain assignment, and THEN I can get my shower or make a sandwich or whatever. That’s my way of pushing myself to actually get the work done.

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