Extreme Makeover Home Edition Quiz

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  • 1
    Who is the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team leader?
    Andrew Dan Jumbo
    Amy Wynn Pastor
    Ty Pennington
  • 2
    In Season 2, Episode 13, we met the Sears family. This family was made up of mom Karen, 17-year-old Jhyrve, and 15-year-old Lucas. In February 2004, Jhyrve was diagnosed with the rare genetic disease Krabbe disease which is caused by enzyme deficiency. She would have to get a cord blood transplant at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina. From then, they were staying in an apartment in what city?
    Durham, North Carolina
    Concord, North Carolina
    Asheville, North Carolina
    Raleigh, North Carolina
  • 3
    Who is one of the carpenters on EMHE?
    Tracy Hutson
    Michael Moloney
    Paige Hemmis
    Dawson Connors
    Constance Ramos
  • 4
    Which family has a daughter that has a disease that makes her allergic to sunlight?
    The Elcano Family
    The Garay Family
    The Mackey Family
    The Wofford Family
    The Pope Family
  • 5
    Which family has three adopted children-----all of whom who have AIDS?
    The Vardon Family
    The Burns Family
    The Broadbent Family
    The Dore Family
    The Anderson Family
  • 6
    The Wofford family lost a beloved wife and mother in 2000. In their house, her secretary was saved and refinished. What was her name?
  • 7
    The Anderson family has a son named Rodney who is 22. He was shot in the back by a gang member who thought he was a rival. The accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. At the end of the show he married his fiancee. What was his fiancee's name?
  • 8
    How did Jennifer Elcano become a single parent?
    Her husband was kidnapped and never found
    Her husband, Glen, was killed in a car accident
    She and her husband got a divorce
    Her husband was killed in a shooting
    Her husband died in a fire
  • 9
    How many children does the Wofford family have
  • 10
    Lucy Ali of Jamaica Queens, New York adopted 2 boys orphaned by their crack-addicted mother. What are the boys' names?
    Rodney and Thomas
    James and Benjamin
    Michael and Jonathan
    Paul and Kuran
  • 11
    What company supplied Stefan Vardon's college scholarship fund?
    Lending Tree
    New York Life
  • 12
    Why could Hannah Grinnan not swim in a swimming pool?
    She cannot swim
    The chemicals burn her skin
    She swallows the pool water and gets very sick
    Her condition makes her allergic to chlorine
    Water puts pressure on her lungs and she cannot breathe
  • 13
    Which child has a condition which makes their bones break easily?
    Jhyrve Sears
    Ben Burns
    Lance Vardon
    Rebekah Wofford
    Michael Elcano
  • 14
    Which EMHE team member got a kidney stone and had to be transported to the ER on the set?
    Paul DiMeo
    Tracy Hutson
    Preston Sharp
    Constance Ramos
    Ed Sanders
  • 15
    Which family's dream house burned to the ground and forced them to live in a shed in the backyard?
    The Elcano Family
    The Pope Family
    The Sears Family
    The Burns Family
    The Dore Family
  • 16
    In the Anderson family episode, there were 2 houses built------one for the family and one for Rodney and his fiancee Monique. To assist Rodney, there was a personal assistant that was voice activated. What was the name of the assistant?
  • 17
    What was a feature of the Dore Family's home that they had been dreaming about for years?
    a gigantic swimming pool and Jacuzzi
    a big family room
    a bed-and-breakfast
    a nice, spacious kitchen
  • 18
    What type of transportation did Jhyrve, Karen, and Lucas Sears use to get back home from their vacation?
    a private jet
    a plane with air cleaner than that of a hospital
    a cruise liner
    a regular flight in a Southwest Airlines 747
    a chartered bus
  • 19
    Who is the team member that works in the Interiors/Glamour department?
    Preston Sharp
    Michael Moloney
    Constance Ramos
    Tracy Hutson
    Paige Hemmis
  • 20
    Which team member works in the Landscaping department?
    Dawson Connors
    Ed Sanders
    Paige Hemmis
    Paul DiMeo
    Preston Sharp
  • 21
    Who is the Building/Planning member?
    Constance Ramos
    Paige Hemmis
    Preston Sharp
    Ed Sanders
    Paul DiMeo
  • 22
    Which team member lifted Lance Vardon up to hear the wind chimes?
    Preston Sharp
    Alle Ghadban
    Dawson Connors
    Michael Moloney
    Paul DiMeo
  • 23
    Which family's house involved a paint-by-number room?
    The Wofford Family
    The Broadbent Family
    The Pope Family
    The Dore Family
    The Burns Family
  • 24
    Which family's house involved a 2-story gym?
    The Elcano Family
    The Anderson Family
    The Grinnan Family
    The Wofford Family
    The Ali Family
  • 25
    Which one of these celebrities has sang on EMHE?
    John Legend
    Amy Grant
    Whitney Houston
    Vince Gill
    Lee Ann Womack

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