Are People Plotting Against You?

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Does everyone you think you know, secretly hate you?

  • 1
    When you approach a group of your friends, the general reaction is:
    They nod in your direction
    No reaction, just kind of look at you and go back to what they were doing.
    Everyone stops talking abruptly, and stare at you.
    "Hey, what's up?"
  • 2
    Does your family come into your room?
    Yes, they come in without asking and read my journal. I think they also might be taking my private stuff.
    Not really, my room is pretty private
    they pop in without knocking just to annoy me sometimes. If I have candy out, they might help themselves to a piece.
    Just to talk to me and give me ice cream and stuff.
  • 3
    Your friend has a party coming up. Are you going?
    Probably, if I'm not busy.
    YES! I have known for weeks!
    Yeah, everyone else seemed to have got an invitation but not me.
    Party? What party?
  • 4
    What's your relationship with your parents?
    Great! We try to spend as much time as possible with each other!
    It's a loving relationship, but they have their lives and I have mine.
    On rocky ground; we have a lot of fights but we do love each other.
    I seem to be on the receiving end of never-ending punishment and harshness.
  • 5
    What about work?
    I'm having a kind of tough time and don't know my colleagues that well.
    What about work? It's Ok.
    My colleagues and I are great friends!
  • 6
    Do you find many things you try to do are sabotaged, recently?
    I find a few hindrances in everything I do.
    Yes, but I have absolutely no clue who is doing it.
    No sabotage, but no one's really helping me with my efforts.
    No, in fact, it seems everyone is trying to help me!
  • 7
    Has anyone ever stolen anything of yours?
    well, my friends have "borrowed" my stuff and not returned it.
    No, people are always giving me stuff though.
    Yes, recently a lot of my stuff has disappeared and I have had a few burglaries.
    I never let anyone near my stuff.
  • 8
    Ever eavesdropped on the phone when your parents were talking about you?
    Planning my birthday party or a special vacation!
    Yes, they were talking in whispers. I had no idea what they were saying but I heard my name.
    Yeah, my parents were talking about my school/work.
    I've never done that.
  • 9
    Did your stuffed animals hate you when you were a kid?
    Yes, I really did think they hated me! don't think so...
    Stuffed animals were always boring.
  • 10
    What if I told you people were plotting against you?
    You might be right.
    I think this quiz might be inaccurate!
    What? No your wrong!
    Not surprising.