Which drink are you?

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Find out which drink represents you the best.

  • 1
    If you were stranded on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic, what would you do?
    You would paddle with your hands and try to move.
    You would scream endlessly for hours until your voice died.
    You would sob and think life is hopeless.
    You would drift along the currents, hoping to reach land.
    You would do nothing.
  • 2
    You're at a party. You don't know anyone there. What do you do?
    You try to start interesting conversations with the nearest geek.
    You walk up to random people and say, "I haven't seen YOU in a long time!"
    You crouch in a corner.
    You make friends quickly using your good social skills.
    You party anyway and then go home.
  • 3
    What color car would you drive?
  • 4
    Who/what can you relate to most in life?
    Some dude(tte)- I don't know...
    Barbie- happy and bubbly 24/7!
    A dog- Hyper, loyal, yeah...
    Warren Sapp- a bit spiteful, yet people like you anyway
    A Founding Father- drunk
  • 5
    The kind of shoes you'd wear:
    something sexy
    something that can stand up to your constant movement
    white keds
    something that hurts when you kick others
    something comfy so you can bounce around
  • 6
    In a perfect world...
    everyone would be awake and happy.
    you don't know what you'd do.
    you would rule the world.
    everyone would be friends!
    huh? What world?
  • 7
    What kind of people do you like?
    Sad people...
    Don't know
    Drunk people...
    Hyper people!
    Happy people!
  • 8
    What did you do on your birthday?
    Got gifts.
    Got drunk.
    Had fun at Hooters. *wiggles eyebrows*
  • 9
    If you could dye your hair any color you wanted, what would it be?
    something dark...
    you wouldn't dye it
    Something bright!
  • 10
    You are...
    hyper! Give me sugar!

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