What kind of friend are you?

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This is for fun, don't take the answer seriously. I do not wish to offend anyone with this test.

  • 1
    Your friend asks if you want to go out to eat with him, you say..
    *words after the comma are thoughts by you or actions*
    Yeah, you grab enough money to pay for half the meal
    Sure!, You figure you can ditch him before the bill comes
    Nah I want to try to hit on your girlfriend again, you grin
    Yay! then you grab enough money for all the food and dessert
    Okay, then you quickly grab a plastic cockroach to plant in his food
  • 2
    You arrive at the restaurant and sit down, uh-oh! you see his girlfriend with another guy! You quickly..
    You immediately start making cracks about how ugly she is
    You say your going to the Bathroom, and warn her to get out of the restaurant
    Point her out and laugh in his face
    Pull his chair out, then as he sits down push it out of the way
    ignore her and hope he doesn't see her
  • 3
    Oh-no! he saw her, He mopes his way slowly home. You..
    try to cheer him up
    already ditched as the bill came
    try to cheer him up by making jokes about how she looked like a man
    start to tell him you know a girl who knows a girl that wants to date him
    mention his great taste in women
  • 4
    You think your friend is contemplating suicide! You decide to..
    switch his antidepressant pills with laxatives
    call his girlfriend and see if she'll date you
    go to his house everyday
    hook him up with your sister
    tell him jokes about suicide till he cheers up
  • 5
    Your friend jumps in the direction of a moving car while walking down the street, luckily he misses, you...
    ask for his wallet before next time
    probably pushed him into it
    put a leash on him, in the hopes it will make him laugh himself happy
    pulled him out of the way, just in time
    call a doctor to give him antidepressants
  • 6
    Somehow he ends up at a psychiatrist, you are asked to attend. The man asks you your opinion, you...
    swear to him its a faze
    claim he should be put in a mental home
    You don't know
    Suggest "more laxatives, I mean, more antidepressants"
    Keep replacing his name with "Jennifer"
  • 7
    Your friend escapes the mental home by knocking out 2 doctors, you..
    Get out your shotgun and join the hunt
    Try to stop the search party from using weapons
    plant inflatable versions of him all over town
    tell the police he is armed and dangerous
    join the search party in the hopes you will find him
  • 8
    Your friend burns down his ex-girlfriend's house when she was inside it! He is caught, and as he is being loaded into the police car, you shout..
    "Life sentence! Life Sentence!"
    "I'll get you out! don't worry!"
    "I'll call you!"
    "Are you sure he isn't one of the inflatable ones?"
    "Your girlfriend says hi!"
  • 9
    Apparently he refuses to cooperate in jail, and keeps everyone awake by slamming his head into the bars, you tell the police..
    To put him back in the mental home
    add spikes to the bars
    to threaten him with "prison love"
    to pad the bars
    Get thicker bars
  • 10
    Your friend died last night in jail. You are asked to speak a few words at his funeral. You agree and begin with...
    "Ashes to ashes, dung to Danish"
    "I would like us all know to step on his grave."
    "I lend my condolences to his family"
    "He was the best person I ever knew.."
    "Oh how do I count the ways I loathe thee?"

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