Are you an idiot?

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This quiz will test your Idiocy Quotient. If you score less than fifty percent, I hope you're in a "special" school.

  • 1
    Which of these is correct?
    The Great Wall of China can be seen from space.
    Jon Heder, Paul McCartney, John Basedow and Steve Burns are dead.
    Before 1492, the majority of people believed the earth was flat.
    All the other answers are false.
  • 2
    You receive an email chain letter. What do you do?
    Copy and paste your address book and send it to everyone you know.
    Delete the letter without opening it.
    Neglect to forward it, and worry afterwards about the bad luck or karma you'll receive.
    Start your own chain letter in the hope of getting into the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • 3
    Communism is:
    an unrealistic idea that has good and bad points.
    an evil concept practiced by Hitler.
    cool. Che Guevara is my hero.
    something the United States needs to implement immediately to ensure equality.
  • 4
    A student throws a rubber band at his teacher. What should the consequences be?
    Suspend the kid indefinitely. No tolerance policies are the only way to prevent school shootings.
    Eh, no consequences. Kids will be kids.
    Expulsion's too good for him. Arrest the poor excuse for a human being.
    Punishment, but nothing extreme. It's a freaking rubber band.
  • 5
    When it comes to religion, what's your philosophy?
    A person's religion defines him absolutely.
    Religion is fine, but religiosity is dangerous. The world doesn't need another Jack Chick.
    Evangelism is the only way to save the souls of the world's godless heathens.
    Every religion can be reduced to a few simple guidelines.
  • 6
    The Nobel Prize is named for whom?
    The originator of the peace symbol.
    A renowned philanthropist.
    An acclaimed novelist.
    The inventor of dynamite.
  • 7
    Why do you watch reality television?
    I don't watch reality television. I'm much too sophisticated for that.
    I aspire to be a reality television star someday.
    Light entertainment and mocking possibilities.
    For insight into the human condition that you don't find in prescripted programs.
  • 8
    What was the significance or effects of September 11, 2001?
    It showed that capitalism is the root of all evils.
    It proved that terrorists are running rampant. The free nations of the world should be frightened.
    It proved that America is the only country worth its salt. Americans should be proud to be patriots.
    It hasn't really affected most people, even if it was a terrible event.
  • 9
    What book would you most likely have read?
    The South Beach Diet and South Beach Diet Cookbook.
    To Kill A Mockingbird.
    Finnegans Wake for the fifth time, in between readings of the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf.
    I read only the Bible. Everything else is secular and corrupt.
  • 10
    Generally speaking, what is art?
    Anything the artist says is art. We shouldn't judge it.
    Something aesthetically or intellectually pleasing or provoking, created with a modicum of talent.
    The poems I write in my blog.
    Only things that transcend human existence and experience.
  • 11
    Michael Moore: discuss.
    A talented but biased director who makes both good and poor points in his films.
    The man is brilliant. I'd vote for him if he ran for president.
    I boycott his movies and books on principle, so I can't discuss his arguments.
    I loved him in Shrek and Austin Powers.
  • 12
    Which of the following is written in proper English?
    i gotta go to the store now i'll talk to you later
    g2g, ttyl
    I have to go to the store, now so I will talk to you later.
    I have to go to the store now, so I will talk to you later.
  • 13
    What do you drive?
    Just a car...factory specs with maybe a few performance-enhancing modifications.
    A pricey piece with added spinning rims, gold detail work, animal-print interior...the whole deal.
    With my souped-up engine, it's all about speed. I regularly drag-race Toyota vans at stoplights because I'm cool like that.
    My lowered black truck, with flames and lights, a Calvin decal and NASCAR sticker.
  • 14
    What film do you take as gospel?
    The Passion. Isn't it divinely inspired?
    None. I'm not that idealistic.
    Fight Club. Anarchy!
    Signs. My gosh, it's so symbolic and deep.
  • 15
    If you could choose one color that defined you, what would it be?
    This question is idiotic.
    Black, the color of my psyche.
    Motley - my personality is deeper than one color can describe.
    Clear, because I defy convention.

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