Should I go out with him?

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Have you ever wondered if the guy that's crushing on you is potentially dangerous or controlling in some way? Have you ever wanted to be able to know what you are getting yourself into before you make a decision? If so take this test and find out for sure if you should go out with him or not.

  • 1
    When you first met him your first impression was?
    He was happy, and confident with himself.
    Distant from others, and anti-social
    Obsessed with his past, and untrusting of all women accept you.
  • 2
    When he asked you out how did he go about doing it?
    He woke you up in the middle of the night drunk, or high to ask you.
    He made you feel comfortable enough to give him a straight answer.
    He begged you a million times until you finally agreed to it.
  • 3
    When you finally agreed to a date with him what were the first few dates like?
    I had a blast! and I felt like I could talk to him about anything.
    He talked about himself the whole time while you listened.
    His main topic interests related to sex, bad memories, and boring topics that you knew nothing about.
  • 4
    He has a history of?
    Going to therapy, or jail a lot for reasons he never discusses with you.
    Failed relationships that ended with him blaming everything on his ex-girlfriends or even ex-wives.
    Interesting experiences with all sorts of different people.
    Sleeping around, and cheating frequently.
    Being a loner, who spends his days on the sofa playing video games.
  • 5
    His lifetime goal is?
    He is older then eighteen and still hasn't made any goals for himself yet.
    To re-take his GED test, and hopefully find a part-time job to pay off his child support debts.
    To get married and settle down before the age of twenty-one.
    To finish college and find a good career.
  • 6
    For Valentine's day this year he?
    Didn't even return my phone calls, and forgot it completely.
    Did something simple and practical yet romantic for me.
    Made plans to have sex with me simply because it was V-day and that's what he thought people did on V-day.
  • 7
    When we talk about sex together it usually ends with?
    Me feeling pressured, and unsure of a lot of things that he refused to answer for me.
    Him asking simple questions, and being patient enough to wait until i'm ready.
    Him getting mad and laying guilt trips on me for making him wait longer then he wanted to.
  • 8
    When I ask him how I look tonight?
    Says, "You look Hot, but maybe you should show a little more skin?"
    Tells you that you should go change. And shows you a picture, or tells you how you should look.
    Refuses to answer because he thinks your only fishing for compliments.
    He smiles, and tells you that you look beautiful.
  • 9
    When he needs some time with his friends?
    You get a bad feeling that he's been lying to you.
    He usually calls you and lets you know that he's made plans to go out with the boys this weekend.
    He goes out whenever he wants to. But he gets mad when you go out without tell him.
  • 10
    Our worst argument was about?
    Me trying to confront him about his behavior and him making a big joke about it.
    We rarely argue and if we do it's over little things like what movie to go see?
    Him accusing me of something I did not do, without any proof.

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