What Is Your True Personality?

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Ever wonder if you’re the calm type? Energetic type? Or maybe you’re all around clueless…Heck, I sure don’t know but if you’re curious about your personality then why don’t you take a couple of minutes and take my test? I promise it doesn’t hurt! ^-^

  • 1
    First off, I must know your favorite color. (Or at least something close to it)
    Red or Orange
    Green or Yellow
    Pink or Purple
  • 2
    (We all love the party questions…) At a party, you would most likely be…
    The center of hyperness! –sigh- …and I’m being told everyone’s problems…what am I? A counselor?
    Gossiping about the latest couples and celebrities
    In the middle of the dance floor, socializing with almost everyone.
    I’m either not there because I hate parties or I’m off to the side, maybe, just maybe, talking with a few close friends.
    Maybe dancing occasionally and hanging out with a few close friends
  • 3
    It’s finally Saturday! Yes! You are…
    Reading probably…or maybe writing…
    Shopping! Then maybe a movie!
    Sitting in my room until my parents force me to do errands and stuff against my will…Grrrr…
    GUITAR! MUST PLAY GUITAR! ^^ Practice with the band!
    I’m outside! Yea! I love doing outdoor activities!
  • 4
    Pick the word(s) that best describes you.
    Quiet/Laid back
    Hyper! Swoon! ^-^
  • 5
    Now I need a favorite animal out of these: (You’re halfway there! Yay!)
  • 6
    What instrument do you play or sounds most appealing?
  • 7
    OK…Hm…Do you have a music preference?
    Rock On!
    Rap/Hip Hop
    Nice Easy Classical
    Heavy Metal
  • 8
    Everyone has got one, so what’s yours? School Stereotype.
    Prep! Or a prep wannabe… (yes, you know who you are!)
    Almost would be considered a “nerd” cause I don’t talk a lot
    Goth. All goth. I hate preps and they hate me.
    Originality is everything! Maybe a little punk too…lol
  • 9
    Your best friend just lost a close family member and he/she is very emotional. You…
    Cry with them.
    Let them cry, but also tell them that everyone goes through the same pain
    Tell them to toughen up. You have enough of your own problems to deal with…
    Take them out for ice-cream! Everyone loves ice-cream!
    Sit him/her down and let them cry on your shoulder
  • 10
    Last but not least…what is your favorite sport?
    Basketball or Volleyball
    I dun like sports period…

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Daemon ( 04.83 )
Posted 143 days ago
I'm sorry but this test is filled with far too many holes. The word that best describes me wasn't there (Strict yet out-going). School stereotypes are ever so old, and new ones have risen like the Smart Populars, Anime Geeks (usually not intelligent), and Weirdos/Gloomy Persons. There wasn't my favorite activity (learning and pacifying). The animals make no sense what so ever, and there are plenty of grammar and spelling issues.