How long till you get your period?

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How long?

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SUN (24797)
2 hours ago
I think you should have all the continents
Heeeeyyyy (44873)
6 days ago
Someone please estimate me!
I’ve had discharge for a year or two
Chest is triangular starting to round out
I’m not sure when my mom started but my older sister started at 11 and I’m 12!
I’m really moody...
I get cramps alllll the time!
And my face is covered in pimples.😫
Pubic hair is dark and curly but not completely full.
Armpit hair is dark and curly when I don’t shave but only a few hairs...
My leg hair is dark since i shave every week.
I’ve took a bunch of tests and they mostly said 1-5 Months and I got 11-13 months sooo most likely Garrett
Tefyrb26 (34137)
23 days ago
Dang, this test was heck inaccurate. I have taken a ton of other tests. all of them say from anytime-6 months, but this test said 11-16 months. They also ran out of questions, and started asking random crap. Hey test creator person, some people are stressed like heck over when their periods gonna come, and you give out a test that by the last questions, things that have nothing to do w/ periods are asked?! ... anyways....can someone help
Im 12
Mom got hers same age
Started discharge 2-3 weeks ago,size of nickel and bigger
Hair down there blonde thin long getting darker
armpit hair light blonde and wispy
My 💗 round, fit a-b cup, halfway developed
100+ lbs
Grown 1-2 inches
SWEATBFYBGJV almost ruined panties along w/ lotsa discharge
Cramps i have a lot sometimes hurts
no acne only 1 barely visible pimple
Started dating/got asked out
Someone help, I hope to get it during xmas break :3
Ania (74032)
28 days ago
It said 11-16 months but it makes sence because im 11 lol
Jeffy (63969)
49 days ago
Yeah I agree with you Emily it said 11-12 months.
Emily (39982)
68 days ago
I took this test and it said 11-16 months..... yaah NO this test is very inaccurate
Anonymous teenager (71540)
96 days ago
I wanted to know how many days until my next period 🤷🏼‍♀️ Are young girls really asking when// wanting their period? It's not fun, ladies. 😛 I'm 15, and I've had my period for abt 3 years, and it said I would get my first one in 5 months or less. ??? Inaccurate.
Gabriella (69374)
108 days ago
This is such a waist of time. Its not accurate at all.
I am offended (60809)
112 days ago
I am offended, i live in europe and it isnt on the 10th question
Lilly (71509)
113 days ago
I meant armpit hair, discharge was just in my mind from the quiz
Lilly (71509)
113 days ago
Anonymous- I would say around 3-6 months, it also often happens around the same time your mom got it, and around 6 months after you start developing discharge, hope this helps :)
Jes (29390)
117 days ago
Waste of time I got eight months and I already have my period
Pip (37174)
122 days ago
This was an apsolute waste of time it was totally in accurate
Anonymous (77553)
134 days ago
Estimate plz?
I'm 12
Have had discharge for like 6months its getting heavier
Pointy 💗 area around nipple is dark
Hair down there is getting thick and curly but not fully there
I feel like I'm peeing (EW) so I go to bathroom but no period just discharge
Light hairs underarms
I grew 4 inches in like half a year
I kinda want it but don't xD
Ave (70644)
141 days ago
Had my period for a while, took the test, it said 11-16 months. Not. Accurate. At. All.
Victoria (56000)
149 days ago
Im 11 5/12 and 5" 1 106+ lbs gotta shave pits and legs every couple days I'm VERY moody and get cramps once or twice a month when will I get mine (plz say never)
Potato (82093)
150 days ago
It said 5 months or less. I was having my period as I took the quiz.
HELLO (24383)
152 days ago
it is common myth that you get your period 6 months after discharge. the actual time is approx. 2 years after discharge so you still have a while to wait. but trust me enjoy being a little kiddie!
TWILIGHT sparkle 101 (57140)
153 days ago
Hey dolphin in am thinking the exact same thing the test results are fake! I had 1-3 months but this test said 11-16 months # FAKE!!!!
Dolphin sorry I didn't want to put my real na (15354)
155 days ago
It said 11-16 months all the other quizzes said 1-3 months my mum started it at 11 and a half I'm born may 30 can someone plz tell me there thoughts: hair down there quite dark getting curlier but a lil patchy, I get bad tummy cramps but I don't have any arm pit hair I found one the other day but it was long and dark I'm not sure if it was just a strange hair that grew in the wrong place or wat I wear deiderant cause my mum noticed I was smelling and I have a lot of discharge can someone plz sum this all up and tell me how long it will be till I get my period

And if anyone is reading this thinking how do I ask my mum for pads I said:
Me:mum wat age did u start ur period
Mum:11/11 and a half why did u think u r going to start yes soon
Me:yeah next time u go to the store can u pick some pads up for me
Mum:yeah sure

Tip: ur mum went thu her period as well she might still have she might not depending on how old she is but however old she is now she got her period one day,she asked her mum for pads it's fine she's not going to make fun of u she's ur mum she's a firl she was young once even if she doesn't look like she could have ever been young
So yeah can Someone plz tell me when u think I'm gonna get my period