Ever wondered if that special someone likes you?

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Yes we all want to know that! You know you do! Take my quiz and find out if he's really into you!

  • 1
    When he talks to you, where exactly is he looking?
    He looks everywhere when he talks to me
    No where except at the ground
    My eyes
    I don't talk to him
    His eyes sorta move up and down me
  • 2
    Does he do certain things just because he knows it annoys you and gives you an excuse to poke him or shove him?
    Not really, he's just flat-out annoying!
    He does sometimes, depending where we are at.
    Ummm no why in God's name would he do that?
    Yeah! All the time!
  • 3
    If you are in the same classes as him, when you walk into a room, where does he look?
    Right at me, and he waves and asks me to come over by him...
    At that stupid chick that EVERY guy likes! *growls*
    At his work
    At me, then quickly down back to his work
  • 4
    Your birthday is coming up! You tell him about it. What does he do?
    Gives his congratulations to you and buys you something
    Wishes you happy birthday
    Does nothing
  • 5
    A dance is coming up and you see him. What does he do?
    Does nothing at all to acknowledge your presense.
    Goes single but dances w/you there.
    He asks me to the dance.
    We don't go to the same school.
    He doesn't do anything until the last minute.
  • 6
    You see him standing over by a group of friends. They're all looking at you. What do you think he's telling them?
    That he thinks I'm cool.
    That I'm the stupidest person alive.
    That he likes me.
    That I'm SOO ugly! *cries*
  • 7
    If you guys are talking, what are you talking about?
    Our exes and how horrible they were.
    Nothing because WE DON'T TALK!
    Just small talk.
    Everything that pops into our minds.
  • 8
    You finally gather up enough courage to invite him to your house for the weekend. What does he say?
    "Sure, why not?"
    "Yeah! Definitely!"
    "Hmm maybe, I might have plans."
  • 9
    Does he care what other people say? As in, the people that DON'T like you tell stupid things when they see you guys together.
    I don't know...
    I don't think he does...
    No! He hates those people anyway!
    Yeah so when they approach he walks away.
  • 10
    Alright, last question. What would he do if you two were ALONE. As in, no one around to talk but you and him!
    Just chill. He wouldn't do anything super special.
    Try and kiss me.
    He wouldn't DARE be alone with me! He hates me! *sobs*
    Give me the ga-ga dreamy eyes and laugh at everything I say.

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