What type of angel are you?

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Are you the warlike Archangel? Or the wise Seraphim? What about the intelligent Dominion? Find out HERE!

  • 1
    You are walking down the street and you witness a brutal mugging. What do you do?
    turn around and walk a different way
    Call for help
    Get the police
    Tackle the assailant to the ground
    Try to break it up
  • 2
    You are stuck in a traffic jam. You are late for work. What do you do?
    Just wait. The traffic will clear up.
    Honk the horn loudly and get mad.
    Turn off the car to conserve gas
    Yell at every policeman that passes the other way to find out the problem
    Think to yourself how much these people squander their energy at a time like this
  • 3
    You need to get into a house, but the door is locked. How do you enter?
    Yell inside to see if anyone is in there
    Go through the window
    Kick down the door
    Pick the lock
  • 4
    You are driving home and you are hit head on by a drunk driver. You both live, mildly injured, and able to exit your vehicles. what do you do FIRST?
    Call the police and report an accident
    Get out and yell at the other guy, maybe even hit him a *Little*
    Fix the cars and don't let it bother you. He has probably learned his lesson.
    Get mad and demand an explanation
    See if he is okay
  • 5
    A homeless man shows up on your doorstep. He begs you for some sort of comfort. You...
    Let him in but *firmly* display the rules
    Let him in but call a shelter to cater to him
    Give him what you can and send him on his way
    Let him in and nourish him as much as necessary
    Chase him off the property, yelling that its his fault he didn't finish school
  • 6
    You are called to serve on a jury. A man is being convicted of murder and has plead innocent. What do you look at most in the case?
    Look at all aspects of the case and his actions
    The evidence
    What others say
    The circumstances
    The way the suspect acts
  • 7
    What job are you best fit for?
  • 8
    What is the best thing that could happen in your life?
    I am entrusted with very confidential things and information
    I become a highly recognized figure
    I quietly live and die in peace
    My life is filled with never-ending action
    I become popular and/or influential
  • 9
    Where do you think you live best?
    In a difficult desert
    On a tranquil prairie
    In a big city
    In a peaceful valley
    In the roughly forged mountains
  • 10
    I think your results are clear already, but how do you see yourself?

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Hannah ( 04024 )
Posted 330 days ago
I seriously hope you see the irony of comparing archangels to police officers or soliders..