Are you into bestiality?

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Do you get turned on by road kill? Then this is the test for you.

  • 1
    You are driving down the road and notice a some road kill in the middle of the road. Do you....
    Scoop it up for supper for your nine kids?
    Aim for it and run it over again.
    Feel a bit of remorse because it looks like it was pretty sexy when it was alive.
    Pull over and weep hysterically over the troubles of the world?
  • 2
    You are in a petting zoo with your 10 year old niece and you feel a tugging on you pants...
    You slap the animal away and wrestle it to the ground.
    You bite the animal on the neck.
    You hoped for this, that's why you strapped a brisket to your thigh.
    You run screaming like a little girl, hands flailing in the air.
  • 3
    You go over to a friends' house and they show you their new cat. You....
    Stoke its back until you have a handful of cat hair which you proceed to rub over you face while making a "purring" sound.
    You kick it, you're allergic to cats.
    You hiss and throw your shoe at it.
    You pour it a saucer of milk and say "Ahhh, what putty little kitty. Yes, you are. You certainly are."
  • 4
    You are camping and hear wolves howling at the moon. You...
    Realize their must be a female wolf in heat in the area and try to track her down.
    Fire your shotgun in their direction.
    Zip your sleeping bag all the way up, cowering in the darkness.
    You cry at the beautiful nature sounds and continue knitting your "Nana" a sweater.
  • 5
    You go to the park and see two dogs sniffing each others butts. You...
    You think it's cute and take a picture for America's Funniest Home Videos.
    Are jealous of their lack of social rules and wish you could sniff their butts too.
    You look away in disgust.
    You make an interesting comment about how "that's how dogs shake hands."
  • 6
    A friends wants you to accompany them to the dog pound. You....
    You can't stand the smell of urine and begin to vomit at the very idea.
    You say ok, and go with your friend and have a wonderful day.
    remember what happened last time and all the paper work you had to fill out down at the police station.
    You are excited about seeing all the "puppies."
  • 7
    You are in Mexico on vacation and decide to go horseback riding. You...
    You are afraid of horses and cry in a Mexican bar.
    You go and the horse ends up biting you, giving you Mexican rabies.
    You cancel and spend the rest of your vacation in the bathroom suffering from Montezuma's Revenge.
    You wonder if its even illegal in Mexico.
  • 8
    When in the supermarket, you spend most of your time...
    Trading recipes with the "Soccer Moms."
    Sorting through coupons, you spineless jerk.
    Talking to the butcher.
    In the frozen foods aisle.
  • 9
    When you sleep you dream about...
    Being in front of all your friends in your underwear.
    Your wedding day.
    Newly shorn lambs.
  • 10
    If you were stranded on a remote island and only could have one thing/ person with you, it would have to be....
    Your collection of Star Wars action figures.
    Your Mother.
    A big breasted woman.
    A French poodle.

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