How much do you know about dog shows?

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This quiz will test you on your dog show knowledge.

  • 1
    What is a bitch?
    unspayed, female dog
    young, inbred dog
    male dog
    irritable dog
  • 2
    What does it mean when you get first place in any one of these classes: open dog/bitch, american bred, bred by exhibitor, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, or 12-18 months?
    It means that you get a blue ribbon, but, you still have to compete against the other winning dogs for the points.
    It means that per 3 dogs that you beat in that class, you get 1 point.
    It means that you beat all the dogs in the other classes.
    You are a champion.
  • 3
    Which order is correct in getting to the Best in Show competition?
    class, group, breed, Best in Show competition
    Class (Open, 12-18 months etc), breed, group, Best in Show competition
    breed, class, group, Best in Show competition
    group, class, breed, Best in Show competition
  • 4
    A winning Standard Poodle would represent the '?' group in the Best in Show competition, if it won the previous classes.
  • 5
    What do you do if you drop your dog's bait/cookie into the grass in front of the judge?
    Leave it. The judge probably didn't notice, and some other dog will get it.
    Explain to the judge how sorry you are, ask what you can do for his forgiveness, and make a scene so he feels sorry for you.
    Get it the next time he asks the group to go around the ring.
    Pick it up without making a scene and continue what you were doing before you dropped it.
  • 6
    What should you do if you are walking around the ring and your dogs lead becomes loose and is about to slip off?
    Don't make a scene. Just quickly tighten it and continue on showing your dog.
    Run your dog by holding the scruff of his neck, until you get the next chance to fix his lead.
    Scold your dog for shaking his head so often, which caused the lead to slip. If you do it in front of the judge, he will think that you have control over your dog.
  • 7
    You are at the dog show and you see a bigger dog running loose. What do you do?
    Find the owner and yell at her about how stupid she is for letting her dog get away.
    Yell, but don't scream-"Pick up your small dogs! There is a dog running loose!"
    SCREAM! This will warn everybody.
  • 8
    What should you do with your dogs the day before the show?
    Socialize them. You never had time when they were younger, so as long as they get an hour or so of meeting people, the dog should be ok with the judge petting him and checking his teeth.
    You should trim their nails, wash their eyes with a safe eye wash, trim their feet hair, give them a bath, if needed-use conditioner for a softer coat, and it detangles. Also, you should brush their coats out and make sure they get a good night's sleep and a good dinner.
    Nothing. Judges like them to look all natural. Dirty and uncombed. Just like their wolf cousins.
  • 9
    How should you treat your dog if she got 4th place?
    Leave her in a crate and don't speak to her till tomorrow's dog show. Then, because of your absence, she will be happier to be with you and may show better.
    Scold her! She needs to know that she can do better.
    Treat her as if she just won Best in Show. Give her a cookie, a nice bed to lay on, and plenty of love and praise for her try!
  • 10
    Your friend at the dog show just got Best of Breed. She will not stop bragging about it and saying how much better she did.
    Cry, so you make her feel bad about her bragging.
    Scream in her face- "Oh shut up! Your dog is worth a dime and we all know it. How many times have I won compared to you? I can't even count that far! Get over it, your stupid dog isn't that great!"
    You should tell her something to this effect- "Yes, you did do great! I hope you win even more today! But, I also want you to know that I have won many times with this little dog too, and I would appreciate it if you would stop putting me down. We both have great dogs!"

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