Do you really want to know if he likes you?

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Most the crush tests they had here didn't have questions that apply to me, since I only see my crush at school. As a result to that, I would get an answer like "Sorry, but you're better as friends", when I was positive he liked me. If that has happened to you, or you just wanna know, go ahead and take the test.

  • 1
    When you walk in the classroom, does he look at you? Homeroom counts too.
    He's talking with his friends
    No, he's too busy with his girlfriend.
    I don't have any classes with him.
    Look at me! With this zit!
  • 2
    In a situation wit me, my crush mouthed, "You're cute" and when I asked him what he said, he said something else like "You're cool". Has that ever happened to you?
    I wish!
    I don't like to talk to boys.
    Talk? To my crush? You must be out your mind!
    Yeah, something like that!
    He would never say something like that to me.
  • 3
    The age old question. Does he stare at you alot?
    Boys? Yuck!
    One time when I had this huge boogie.
    No, not really.
    All the time!
    I never look at him!
  • 4
    Where does he sit at lunch?
    At the next table so he can look at me and laugh.
    With his friends on the other side of the lunchroom.
    By me of course!
    I don't see where he sits, I'm too busy stuffing my face!
  • 5
    Does he tease you and say silly stuff to make you laugh and/or smile?
    Every class I have with him!
    I have crooked teeth, so no one wants to see me smile.
    I'm anti-social.
    In order to do that, wouldn't I have to talk to him!
  • 6
    What does he do when you get mad at him?
    He gathers all his friends to make fun of me and laugh
    He tries to make me laugh or he apologizes
    He gets mad at me for getting mad at him
    I don't talk to him so how could I get mad at him?
  • 7
    If his friends teased you and him about liking each other, how would he react?
    Deny it and look embarrassed
    Get mad at his friends for even suggesting liking such a monster
    He wouldn't have time to react, I'd just punch his friends
    You wouldn't even be near him
  • 8
    When your crush looks at you, what does he do?
    Whispers that you have something stuck between your teeth.
    Stares at you for a long time and smiles.
    I have no human contact to the outside world.
    He's not looking at me, he's looking at the answers on my paper.
  • 9
    If you had to rate your guy, what would you rate him?
    I like pickles!
    Well he isn't really cute, but it's the inside that counts....
    Perfect 10!
    I'd give him a 1, but hey, who needs boys anyway?
  • 10
    Last question. Do you think he likes you?
    Umm...can I pass this question?
    No! Yuck!
    All the way!