How Much Anime Do YOU Know?

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20 Questions - Developed by: Meredith - Developed on: - 11.029 taken

This is a fun little quiz that I made. Hope you score well! If not, you shall answer to one known as FLYING SHADOW.

  • 1
    What is Hiei's deadliest move that was introduced in the Dark Tournament Saga?
    Dragon Rain
    Fist of Mortal Flame
    Sword of the Darkness Flame
    Dragon of Darkness Flame
    Dragon Hurricane
  • 2
    What is Kurama referred to by his fans?
    Why am I taking this quiz?
    "The Silent One"
    "The Rose Demon"
    I don't know!
    "Romantic Fighter"
  • 3
    Why does Hiei hate using his Sword of Darkness Flame?
    Why wouldn't he? It drains his energy for crying out loud!
    He doesn't use it!
    He hates it?
    Why am I still taking this quiz?
    It reminds him of Kuwabara's Spirit Sword
  • 4
    What is Kurama's biggest fear above all others?
    I really don't think I should review this test any longer...
    Losing a fight
    Kurama has fears?
    Losing his human mother Shiori
  • 5
    In the movie called "Samurai X", what was the name of the Battosai before he became a killer?
    I haven't seen the movie, but it sounds interesting!
    I really don't know... umm.
    He changed his name?
  • 6
    In Rurouni Kenshin the animated T.V. show, how did Kenshin meet Kaoru?
    Who's Kaoru? That old samurai lady?
    Kenshin never met Kaoru.
    Kaoru attacked him, but then offered him a place to stay as an apology.
    Kenshin attacked Kaoru and asked her to provide him shelter.
    I don't really watch the series, it's on too late at night.
  • 7
    Inuyasha is what kind of demon?
    Fox Demon
    Dog Demon
    Ice Demon
    Fire Demon
    Hanyou. Part dog, part human
  • 8
    At what point does Inuyasha transform into a full dog demon and when does her transform into a full human?
    Human- Full Moon. Dog- Pretty Much Whenever He Feels The Need To.
    Inuyasha doesn't ring a bell...
    He can do that?
    Human- no moon. Dog demon- full moon
    Any time he wnats
  • 9
    In the whole YuGiOh series, what is Yami and Yugi's favorite card?
    Dark Magician
    Old Sage
    Dark Magician Girl
    Sorceror of Dark Magic
    Magician's Valkyria
  • 10
    What out of the lists of cards below, what would you say about Pegasus' favorite card?
    He has no favorite
    Toon Summoned Skull
    The card with his wife's picture on it
    Blue Eyes Toon Dragon
    Toon Dark Magician Girl
  • 11
    What is Joey Wheeler's favorite combo first introduced in Duelist Kingdom?
    Kuriboh+Magic Card Multiply
    He does no combo in that series
    Time Wizard+Petit Dragon
    Dark Magicna+ Magical Hats
    Baby Dragon+Time Wizard
  • 12
    In the first episode of Yu Yu Hakusho, what happened to a young boy named Yusuke Yurameshi and how did everyone react?
    He walked to school and got suspended. Everyone cried, but some laughed.
    None of these.
    Committed suicide and everyone laughed.
    He saved a kid from a racing car, got himself killed, and everyone just wouldn't believe that he was dead.
    Nothing happened. Botan just met him and appointed him Spirit Detective.
  • 13
    How did Hiei react when he found out about Yukina being held prisoner?
    Who's Yukina?
    He got confused on why she was being held in prison
    He didn't know her
    He got angry and worried about her
    He watched her and wondered what she was doing there
  • 14
    When Hiei was looking for his "tear gem" who did he attack thinking that they had it?
    What's a tear gem?
  • 15
    In Samurai X, what tragic even happened that made Kenshin (Or once called Shinta) swear off killing forever?
    He grew ashamed of his crimes and knew he had to stop.
    Doesn't he always have tragic events in his life?
    He stopped killing? Well, that's stupid...
    He lost a woman he loved while she tried to protect him and before she died, she gave him a cross shaped scar.
    Did a tragic event happen to him? That's a switch...
  • 16
    When Kurama was known as Youko, and he was injured severely, how did he survive?
    He was too tough to get himselff killed
    He became a human and was born as a son to a woman named Shiori
    How did he escape?
    He was injured? Poor Kurama...
    He was immortal
  • 17
    In the movie Spirited Away, what was the name of the girl who had been trapped in Spirit World?
    I've never even heard of the this movie!
  • 18
    What was a mistake that this young girl made?
    She spoke when she shouldn't have in front of the court during her judgment.
    What is this movie?
    She fell into a well and drowned, but was saved by a sorcerer.
    She allowed a spirit named No-Face and he ate and ate until he wanted to eat the girl.
    She hurt Haku, her only friend in that world.
  • 19
    Who is Kurama compared to? (Hint: The other comparison is a hot-head and an idiot, no at all like Kurama)
    Joey Wheeler
    Kurama was never compared to anyone...
    Kurama has a twin maybe?
  • 20
    What is the greatest show of these? (Hint: IT'S MY FAVORITE SHOW! so choose carefully!)
    Spirited Away
    Rurouni Kenshin
    Samurai X
    Yu Yu Hakusho

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