Are you a gay?

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May be a bit materialistic and stereotypical, but let's see if you're gay!

  • 1
    Many of your friends are ...
    Many of your friends are ...
    the same sex (and gay/bi)
    the opposite sex
    the opposite sex and gay
    the same sex
  • 2
    How does this picture make you feel?
    How does this picture make you feel?
  • 3
    Do you like rabbits?
    Yes, they are cute and cuddly
    For their meat
    only to hunt
  • 4
    How about any other animal?
    Only for their meat
    I love all creatures
    Yeah, they make good targets
  • 5
    You see someone of the SAME sex checking you out ... you do what?
    wish you had that gun you used for the rabbits
    Spit at them
  • 6
    You're alone, thinking of ...
    cute guys
    your girlfriend's booty
    hot girls
  • 7
    You would consider yourself:
  • 8
    A friend comes to you with a problem, you ...
    are open to talk
    pretend you're listening
    point them to another friend
    ignore them
  • 9
    You think gay pride parade is ...
    a bunch of queers being idiots
    not needed
    a great way for all GLBT to come together
  • 10
    Do you're parents know you're gay?
    I'm not gay
  • 11
    Would you ever say you're gay to get a girl?
    hell no!
    that works?
    Um, you think I need a GIRL?
    I'll have to think about it
  • 12
    What is your favourite TV show?
    Wild college girls
    American Hot Rods
    Wet n' Wild girls
    Queer as Folk
    Orange County Choppers
  • 13
    You're watching the show COPS because ...
    I want to see some babes in handcuffs
    I want to see a fight
    those sexy policemen
    I want to see someone get shot
  • 14
    Who is hotter?
    Brad Pitt
    Jessica Simpson
  • 15
    I like to watch straight porn because
    um, because that's what's normal
    watch the girls get it on
    there are some hot guys
  • 16
    There's a gay porn on ... you don't change the channel because...
    the remote is broken
    It's hot
    I might see some less action!
  • 17
    The guys in the pic are
    The guys in the pic are
    caught in the middle of a horrible prank
    having fun
    showing off to the girls

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Irwan ( 8.168 )
Posted 67 days ago
Yeayy. . .
I have correctly answered 16 of 17 questions.
and if anyone asks, are you a gay?
I would answer, YES I AM GAY
Licia ( 5.166 )
Posted 167 days ago
16/17 true.


I'm female. .-.
Dean ( 7.118 )
Posted 285 days ago
Wow this worked im really gay