Is he really right for you?

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This test is for you to discover whether your crush is really worth the crush...get it?

  • 1
    Does your guy know you exist?
    Ummmm, well, umm,: cough:
    Why would I want him to know I exist!
    Yes of course!
    : clears throat: maybe...
    Well, uh, depends on the day...
  • 2
    Do you enjoy looking at your guy?
    Hottie is his middle name!
    Of course, though, it's what is on the inside that counts but he isn't hurting my eyes!
    Like totally,: twirl hair: they have to be mega gorgeous and can drive...
    Yeah, I only go for the hot jocks duh!
    No! Personality all the way, he may be ugly as sin but...did I just say that out loud?
  • 3
    In your opinion is he worth your time? And possible love?
    Yeah,: sigh: I miss him...: dreamy stare:
    Of course, I wouldn't be going after him if he wasn't!
    Yeah, um I think so...
    probably not.
  • 4
    Can you stand to be away from him for long?
    No! That is why I stalk him!
    Nope, like him too much, know where he is at all times, heeheeheee: wheeze:
    Yeah, I like my privacy.
    Not really, I think about him all of the time, I think my friends are sick of it...
    depends on the day
  • 5
    Is he "your type?"
    I don't have a type, but I love him.
    Am I supposed to have a type?
    Type? where? I thought I was only supposed to click on the answers!...
  • 6
    Does he make you feel safe?
    Yes, and no.
    Nope, not in the least.
    Yeah, except when he wants to go too far...
    Yes, he is my teddy bear, and I feel very much protected around him.
  • 7
    Is it important for you to feel protected by your crush and/or potential boyfriend?
    YES! He has to protect me, duh, damsel in distress!
    nope, too independent to need that...
    Yes, incredibly important
    ummmm, no, not really
    nope nope nope
  • 8
    Does he show an interest in you?
    I don't know.
    kind of.....
    yes, and so do his friends...heehee
    nope, he doesn't know I exist...: sniff:
    Yes, and ...yes.
  • 9
    By this question are you thinking he is worthy of you?
    probably not, next question please...
    nope, bye...
    Yeah actually, I want to go grab him and kiss him!
    yes and no...
  • 10
    Last question! Is he kissable?
    no, actually not.
    oh yeah, I want him I need him oh baby oh baby...: oh brother:
    probably not.
    If he'd brush his teeth every once in a while...
    Yes, I want to go kiss him right now!

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