Case Closed Quiz (REVISED)

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Are you a Case Closed Fanatic? If so, this should be a breeze!

  • 1
    What are the names of the 2 Shady guys that shrunk Jimmy Kudo and turned him into Pint-size Gumshoe, Conan Edogawa?
    Budweiser & Samuel Adams
    Gin & Vodka
    Tequila & Rum
    Rum & Vodka
    Gin & Sangria
  • 2
    What is the name of the inspector that always says Smart ass things like, "...So you arrive home to find a stiff new addition to your living room furniture?"
    Inspector Edwards
    Inspector Maigret
    Inspector Gadget
    Inspector Meguire
    Inspector Spooner
  • 3
    In the very first episode, "The Big Shrink" what was a very important clue in the Conviction of Haley, in the murder where a guy was decapitated using the speed of the Roller Coaster?
    She was a tennis player
    A long rope attached to the victims neck
    Fingerprints on a knife
    The long string of pearls she was wearing
    Her and the deceased had been fighting
  • 4
    What was NOT something Conan said to prove to Dr.Agasa he was really Jimmy?
    " still have Colombo's Special sauce in your mustache"
    "C'mon Doc, You're a Genius can't you invent some kind of antidote"
    "You have a Mole on your Rear end with a hair growing out of it"
    "You're Dr. Agasa Age 52..."
    " You invent all kinds of crazy inventions you say are going to revolutionize the world but never seem to work right."
  • 5
    What is NOT a Connection to the Name "Conan Edogawa?"
    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    Edogawa Rampo
    The Tokagawa Shogonate of Japan
  • 6
    In Episode two, "The Kidnapped Debutante," there were two Kidnappings, The first was hoaxed so that Mr.Tanner would close down his company for One month so he could Spend More time with his daughter Michelle. But this plot did not go well as Michelle was Kidnapped a second time from the place she was hiding. So... what was the name of the person that assisted in the first Kidnapping?
    Aso, the butler
    Mrs. Tanner
    Richard Moore
    Mr. Yamazaka
    The Shady guys from the Coaster
  • 7
    In Episode three, "Beware of Idols" there was a suicide and it was set up to make it look like Pop Idol Yoko Okino had murdered her former boyfriend and schoolmate, Mr. Fujie. Now, What High School did Mr. Fujie and Ms. Okino go to?
    Sachem North High School
    Sachem East High School
    Franklin High School
    Cannon High School
    Revere High School
  • 8
    In episode 55, "Weapon of Choice" a man was found dead on his balcony. There were three suspects. His wife, in which he was in the middle of a brutal divorce with. Another man, who came to the dead man to ask for a loan and when he found out he wouldn't be given one he almost committed suicide. And a man who owned a fishing shop and the deceased stomped all over his dreams. What was the weapon of Choice?
    A Broad sword
    Ceramic pots
    piano wire
    A fishing rod
  • 9
    In episodes 53 and 54, "The Mist Goblin Murder" (parts 1 and 2) what was the trick the killer used to make it look like head master Cleric Bonzai Tenai Hanged himself in the Discipline hall?
    He used a fishing rod and some sturdy twine to lift up the corpse of the teacher
    He used the sealed room trick
    He filled the room up with water and floated on a raft to the ceiling
  • 10
    In Episode 56, "Game gone bad" The Mecca of Video Gaming companies, Mantendo, held a video game Exposition. While there, Conan found a shady guy from the Syndicate that the two guys who shrunk him were involved in. Conan tailed this man but when the man entered the restroom to check the contents of a briefcase he thought he received in a deal, he was blown up. What was the name of this shady guy?
    Vino - pronounced Beano ( Spanish for Wine)
  • 11
    In episode 57, "Train trick" a bunch of Doctors got split up and were on two separate trains. However, One Doctor on the orange line managed to cross over to the blue line and murder another Doctor. What was the name of the Murderer?
    Dr. Brite
    Dr. Light
    Dr. Delaney
    Dr. Eggman
    Dr. Liberman
  • 12
    Jimmy has a crush on a girl what is her name?
    Rachel Sebastian
    Rachel Moore
    Eva Kraden
  • 13
    What is the name of the numbskull detective Conan is living with?
    Booker Kudo
    Richard Moore
    Arthur Conan Doyle
    Dr. Agasa
  • 14
    What is the name of Rachel's Mom?
    Sarina Moore
    Julie Moore
    Jackie Desparado
    Eva Kadan
    Christina Kudo
  • 15
    What is NOT one of Connan's Gadgets?
    Wrist Watch Tranquilizer
    Piano wire
    Super Sneakers
    Stretchy Suspenders
    Bow Tie Voice Simulator
  • 16
    In Episode 59 and 60, "Footsteps of the hero" a 2-parter. Conan is invited to a Sherlock Holmes Mystery tour. On the ride over there Richard is asked what his favorite book is. He answers, "And then Nobody was there," he is quickly corrected. The book's name is, "And then there were none." Who wrote this book?
    Edogawa Rampo
    Arthur Conan Doyle
    Ellery Queen
    Agatha Christie
  • 17
    In episode 62, "Illustrate Murder," A Man killed a woman who drew most of his artwork for him, because she said she'd come clean about being the artist behind his works, if he didn't divorce his wife and marry her. What was her secret mark that appeared on every one of the art really drawn by her?
    A butterfly
    the ace of spades
    a smiley face
    a dragon fly
  • 18
    In the "Ghost ship Murder," Everyone thought Richard was a murderer because there was a man found dead and he was at the scene of the crime. Who did we not see in this episode?
    Dr. Agasa
    Richard Moore
    Conan Edogawa
    Rachel Moore
  • 19
    In the episode, "The three fingerprints," whose fingerprints were the third pair?
    Conan Edogawa
    Inspector Edward's wife
    Rachel Moore
    Richard Moore
  • 20
    In Episode 67 "The crab and whale," what was the whale the little boy was seeing?
    a boat
    A blimp
    tables and chairs
    a pair of sunglasses

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