Salem Academy Sorting Hat Quiz

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Every year September 1st,
I'm called to do my duty.
To attend the Salem Welcome Feast
And show you all my inner beauty.

I know you think I'm worn and ugly
And should be thrown away,
But I hold the key to your future here
Starting from today.

I have no easy task before me
For alone I must decide.
By looking into your deepest thoughts
I shall tell you which house to reside.

There are four houses to choose from:
Wolfhowl, Leopardblast, Badgerclaw and Gorgontail.
Fantastic beasts of magic lore,
Their characters do not fail.

What Badgerclaws value most
Is hard work, loyalty, and determination.
And Leopardblasts believe
Great knowledge should be their inspiration.

Three words that describe Gorgontail,
Are ambitious, sly, and cunning.
They thought they should stop at nothing
To get what they are craving.

And finally there's Wolfhowl,
Courageous, noble and brave.
They preferred that their students
Stay chivalrous to the grave.

Four houses great and mighty,
All excelling in their own way.
Wolfhowl, Leopardblast, Badgerclaw and Gorgontail
Would be proud if they were here today.

So put me on upon your head,
And let's get the sorting underway.

  • 1
    I most enjoy the company of people....
    Who are like myself! Outsiders are strange and should be kept at bay for as long as possible!
    Who are interesting and willing to be different. C'mon, what's the point of following boring old trends anyway?
    Who at least act their own age! It's not like we're babies or anything! No matter who you are, you should act your own age...or older.
    Who are nice, good, and fair to all. No matter their background or past.
  • 2
    Which of these elective Salem subjects do you like best?
    Ancient Runes--this class isn't for the weak of heart, with magical symbols and oddly dangerous spells, this is one class that should be respected and prized above all others
    Astronomy--the study of the stars...Muggle and otherwise!
    Mythology--anything and everything you ever wanted to know about all those stories your parents told you were made up...
    Muggle Studies--everything and anything you ever wanted to know about Non-magical folk and they're inventions!
  • 3
    What means would you prefer to use to stop an attacker?
    Use Devil's Snare, or some other Magical Creature/Plant to entangle them so you can escape!
    Throw a vial of shrinking potion on them and watch them run around
    Cast a full body-bind charm, giving you plenty of time to decide what to do.
    Turn them into a toad and watch them hop around for a while
  • 4
    You are given time to do whatever you please, what would others find you doing?
    In the middle of a huge crowd outside. I love being the center of attention!
    Library, book heaven! Never can get bored there! There's too many books on all types of things...why, I bet if you look hard enough, You'd even find a few on pulling pranks. ;)
    Quidditch field, I got to practice in order to get better and win, Don't I?
    Sneaking about the corridors, there are so many places I have yet to discover!
  • 5
    You’re forced to use hand-me-down books, robes, and everything else, how do you feel?
    Money doesn't make the wizard/witch you's what's inside that really counts!
    What's the big deal? I've been doing it my whole life anyways!
    That would never happen to ME! How could you ask such a ludricous question!
    At least I got supplies! What's it matter the condition they're in, they're just going to end up like that anyway...
  • 6
    How do you fix things?
    Consult someone and fix it right
    Use duct tape
    Buy a new one
    Get a group of people to work on it (with you...for you...?)
  • 7
    If you had one wish, what would you wish for?
    A sandwich (if you're hungry)
    Let me think about it
    1,000 more wishes
    I'm fine, thanks.
  • 8
    Who are you in a horror movie?
    Wise cracking loud mouth who gets killed
    The one who suggests separation
    Comforts the scared, gives the right suggestion that no one follows
    The logical one who tries to find a solution and solve it
  • 9
    What is your social position?
    Intellectual, offering advice
    Sarcastic, sometimes easily offended
    Leader, spontaneous
    Upbeat, arbitrator, keeps everyone happy
  • 10
    If you had a choice of pet to bring with you, you would bring?
    An owl
    A cat
    A toad
    A rat

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