Are You a Lier?

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Do you live off of lies? Or do you thrive on truth? Find out here!

  • 1
    In the middle of the night, you decide to take your parents car for a joy ride. Your awful exaggerating neighbor sees you and you're positive she will tell your dad. In order to get in less trouble you tell your dad...
    "Did you hear? That lady across the street went totally crazy! She tells you horrible lies about your child and car."
    everything. How you drove so far three tires blew out.
    you needed to study for a driving ed test so you took the car only around the block.
  • 2
    The craziest, meanest woman you know drops a one hundred dollar bill while screaming at you. You put it in your pocket thinking...
    "I can transfer this to my wallet as soon as she looks away."
    "It might have blown away! This way I can return it to her!"
    "Well I might ask her tomorrow if she's missing anything..."
  • 3
    You are about to fail English and a book report is due soon! You don't have time to read a book so you use notes you got on the internet. When your teacher compliments you on your sudden A+ you...
    take him aside and tell him you cheated. You nearly cried in front of the whole class!
    hint you had some form of help. Obviously he though you got major tutoring, maybe that counts....
    give a nice speech, " Me be studying real hard to make better grade!"
  • 4
    You completely forgot about your aunt's birthday. As she's opening her presents and you realize you didn't buy her one you...
    just tell her you forgot. You knew she probably would tell you she has too many presents anyway.
    run to sign your uncle's card. You kind of helped him decide what to wrap it in...
    tell her all about how her awesome, expensive gift is still on lay-away.
  • 5
    Your best friend bought you a really ugly outfit as a present. When she finally realizes you never wear it you...
    you admit how the puke-green color clashes with your auburn chestnut hair.
    tell her it got stolen by some girl because it was sososossooo beautiful!
    pretend it makes you look shorter. Well you are short and a sweater can't shorten you but... she bought it!
  • 6
    A telemarketer calls wanting you to participate in a survey. They seem hard to get rid of and you really don't want to answer questions. You...
    tell them you don't really care whether or not your opinion is counted in this stupid poll.
    say you're expecting a call, although not for a few days. Hey I never know how long these surveys might take!
    pretend you only speak Chinese, although you've never spoken a word of it in your life.
  • 7
    Your little brother is getting to the age where his friends are telling him Santa Claus is fake. He trusts you a lot and decides to ask you that question. You respond saying...
    "If Santa is real in your heart, he is real everywhere!"
    "Of course Santa is real! Who else would pretend to be Santa at the mall?"
    "Sorry honey, but Santa is really just Mommy and Daddy putting present under the tree at night. Oh yeah, elves are fake too."
  • 8
    When your parents wouldn't let you have a sleep over, you stayed up all night talking to your friends on the phone. When your parents got the phone bill you...
    reminded them of the time they talked to your aunt for "hours" this month. They were so busy they didn't realize your aunt has no phone!
    explain you did chat a while but not for that long, which was sort of a lie...
    told them how absolutely BORED you were, and that you were willing to pay them for that part of the bill.
  • 9
    A highly annoying "friend", Sarah, tells you a secret about herself. One of your better friends, Jane, would absolutely die to hear this! You swear never to tell anyone so you...
    analyze what parts would be hurtful to Sarah and tell Jane the okay pieces.
    don't even write it in your diary.
    tell your Jane everything. You two have a no secrets policy; you barely like Sarah.
  • 10
    If this quiz was the most boring thing in your whole life and I was your best friend you would tell me...
    a few pointers on how to improve it.
    how horrible it was and what parts were the worst.
    that it was awesome! yippeee.....

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