Are you a "crazy" girl?

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Ever heard those stories about psycho girls doing hilariously embarrassing things to get a guys attention? Could you be one of them?

  • 1
    When you're out by yourself and meet a guy that you're instantly attracted to, what do you do?
    Smile, blush, and wait for him to ask for your phone number.
    Whisper to him that you aren't wearing any panties.
    Flirt mercilessly. Give him your phone number.
    Whip out pictures of your "babies." (your three cats)
  • 2
    You come to a red light and realize you're behind your ex -who you're not over- and see an unknown blonde in the car with him. What is your reaction?
    Honk and wave with a big goofy smile on your face.
    Drive past them without looking over, after making sure you look hot.
    Burst into tears: "Why did he leave me?"
    Pull up next to them, windows down, and pretend to be on your phone with a guy.
  • 3
    While at your new guy's house you see your best friend's name and number scribbled on a sheet of paper. What do you do?
    Say nothing, but call her later to see why he had her number.
    Non chalantly bring it up.
    What do you care? You trust both of them.
    Flip out and accuse him of cheating.
  • 4
    A hottie moves into your neighborhood and you don't know how to break the ice with him. What do you do?
    Take him a batch of your famous snicker doodles.
    Invite him to your party tomorrow night. Realize there is no party, then call all your friends to set one up.
    Go jogging past his house while he's unpacking the moving van. Stop to chat.
    Toss your dog over the fence into his yard, knock on his door and say she "jumped over..."
  • 5
    The hot guy at work heavily makes out with you in the supply closet. The next day he confesses he has a girlfriend and doesn't want to pursue anything with you. Your thoughts on this:
    Oh, well. Now I have something to fuel my fantasies.
    Oh my God! He used me! I feel so violated!
    Maybe I can convince him it's ME he wants. Hee hee hee...
    What a jerk...
  • 6
    Your'e in the dark, making out with this guy for the first time and he goes in to cop a feel. This is your reaction:
    Pin him to the couch, take off his shirt and thrash your hair around on his chest.
    You think, "Ooh...that feels nice..."
    Remembering you're wearing "chicken cutlets," you stick your hand in your bra and try to discreetly remove them and stuff them in the couch cushions.
  • 7
    You can't get the new guy at work out of your head. Your plan to get to know him better consists of:
    Asking if he'd like to join you and your coworker friends for drinks later.
    Ask for a ride home. (Never mind that your car will be stuck at your job. If all goes well, he'll be there to take you in the morning...)
    Google-ing him and cross referencing all the results.
  • 8
    Have you ever kept a completely useless item just because the (unknowing)object of your affection touched it? (examples: the piece of gum he offered you, or the hair you pulled of his shirt)
    yeah, but it doesn't mean I'm crazy!
  • 9
    Assuming you're not in high school and you're single, have you doodled your "married" name? (Writing "Mrs. Mary McElroy" when your name is really Miss Mary Patterson)
    Embarrassed to admit it, but yes.
    No, I'm not a dork.
    Who hasn't done that?
  • 10
    You overheard that sexy guy at work say his address. You jot it down and:
    Slip the paper into your purse so you can stare at it later and think of how cool his bachelor pad must be.
    Put it in your address book. One of these days when he calls in sick, you'll suprise him with soup!
    Later throw it out. What are you going to do with it?
    Go to Yahoo maps and get directions, being sure to only drive by at 3 am when you're certain he's asleep.
  • 11
    After a few hot -sexless- nights with Brad you decide to spice things up by:
    arriving at his apartment wearing only high heels, a trench coat, and a smile.
    displaying romantic candles, rose petals, and a bottle of wine.
    renting a porno called "Lesbian Catholic School Girls Gone Wild."
    purchasing a soft-core flick and wearing a white silk night gown.
  • 12
    After a recent breakup you decide you need to pour your heart out.
    Write an emotional poem in your journal.
    Write an emotional poem and mail it to the guy that dumped you.
    You go to your best friend's house, cry and eat ice cream.
  • 13
    While at a night club a guy buys you a few drinks and spends the evening talking to you. He gives you his number. The next day you call him, but get the machine. At the end of the week you still haven't heard from him. This is probably why:
    You forgot to leave your number. So you called 3 more times to make sure he got it.
    You feel should have waited longer to call him.
    You repeatedly called and hung up before the machine could get it, not realizing he has caller i.d.
  • 14
    A group of your friends goes out to the club. The guy you're hot for asks you to hold his phone for a moment when he heads to the bar. What do you do?
    It's a picture phone so you capture the moment and make a kissy face for the camera.
    Browse through his directory. Curiosity is a powerful thing.
    Nothing. You sit and hold his phone.
    Add your name to his contacts. Tell him so, with a playful wink, when he comes back.
  • 15
    Your boyfriend of 2 months says he can't take you to the new Hugh Grant movie- he has to work late.
    You skip the movie to sneakily circle his work parking lot trying to see him in the window.
    You call his coworker friend, to see if he's really at work.
    No biggy - you call your sister to go with you instead.
  • 16
    Are you guilty of hiking up your thong so it was clearly visible as a treat for an unrequited crush? ("Maybe if he sees this he'll want me...")
    Yeah, so what?
    Um, yes. It's embarrassing...
    No. That's weird.
  • 17
    Complete this sentence:
    "I'm ashamed to say it but..."
    When I saw his shirt in the break room, I smelled it- one of those deep inhaling sniffs...
    I went to a movie last week just because I knew he'd be there with his friends.
    I purposely order a drink I hate when we're out in a group because I know he drinks it.
    I prank called him at 2am just to hear his "sleepy" voice.
  • 18
    Without him asking you to, have you ever checked his messages or e-mail?
    Yes, but it was an accident, I swear!
    Yes, don't even ask me how I got his password...
    Of course not.
  • 19
    Have you ever pretended your pillow was that boy you want?
    Only so I could snuggle him while I was sleeping.
    It's good practice for when he asks me to marry him.
  • 20
    Have you ever had no-strings-attached sex with a guy, but then obsessed over what it meant to him?
    I'm a girl- of course I obsessed over it!
    NO, I've never had a relationship like that.
    Why would I worry? Having a f**k buddy is great.
  • 21
    You were invited to a party at your secret crush's apartment and secretly stole something of his. What was it?
    A pair of boxers from his bathroom floor...What? I washed them!
    I took his student I.D. so I could have a picture of him.
    I just took a beverage napkin as a souvenir.
    I took his cell phone bill. Is he the one who keeps calling and hanging up?
  • 22
    You overheard him quoting a movie with his buddies and decided to rent it so you could join in next time. What movie was it?
    Debbie Does Dallas
    Star Trek IV
    Office Space
  • 23
    "It's just you and me closing tonight," he says when you get to work. You think:
    He wants me!
    As soon as we lock the doors tonight, I'm getting naked.
    I'm going to "forget" how to close down the register so he'll have to give me a "lesson."
    I'll ask him for a ride home.
  • 24
    The reason you know his middle name is "Deidrich:"
    You're friends with his sister and she's a talker.
    Your Yahoo search told you.
    You peeked over his shoulder at his driver's license.
  • 25
    You see your ex-boyfriend on a weekly basis. Why is that?
    Now that you have got a killer tan and a new haircut, you have signed up for his book club.
    Unfortunately you work together.
    The grocery store in your neighborhood doesn't carry chocolate-cherry-almond-diet-fat free-no sodium-cookies. A staple in any girl's diet.
  • 26
    You know that the scar on that dreamy bartender's elbow is from when a dog attacked him as a boy. Why do you know that?
    You asked, he told.
    You pretended not to be listening when he told his story to the busty blonde next to you.
    You looked up his medical records.
  • 27
    At a restaurant, you see a hot guy. You have the waiter send him this:
    a slice of turtle cheesecake and your phone number
    another round of drinks
    six plates of curly fries and a map to your apartment
  • 28
    You're convinced your crush thinks you are crazy. It's probably because:
    You say "Bye! Call me!" at the end of every encounter, but he doesn't have your number.
    He caught you picking your nose.
    You asked him how "Dover" is doing, and he realized he never told you about his dog.
  • 29
    You took this quiz because:
    You're bored.
    You wonder if others behave the way you do.
    Your ex told you you're "loony."
  • 30
    If this quiz determines you to be crazy, what will you do?
    Go on with my life, I've got delusional obsessing to do.
    Check into a facility for emotionally fragile single women.
    Make up my own quiz to prove you wrong!
    Eat a tub of ice cream and call my ex-boyfriend and cry to him at 1am.

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