Fruits Basket Fan exam

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Test your knowledge and possible worth as a true blue Fruits Basket fan.

  • 1
    What exactly IS the Sohma curse?
    The cursed members are never to fall in love.
    The twelve cursed Sohma's are destined for loneliness throughout their entire lives
    There is no family curse
    When hugged by the opposite sex the Sohma's turn into demons
    The Sohma's turn into Zodiac animals when hugged by the opposite sex
  • 2
    How did Tohru's mom die?
    She died in a fire
    She drowned
    She died in a car crash
    She was crushed in an earthquake
    someone shot her
  • 3
    Which character features the cover on the front of volume #3?
    Yuki Sohma
    Kyo Sohma
    Momiji Sohma
    Haru Sohma
    Shigure Sohma
  • 4
    Why did Yuki decide to become class president?
    He wanted to impress Tohru and prove he could do it
    He was influenced by his brother Ayame
    Tohru encouraged him
    He's always wanted to become class president
    He wanted to rise above his fears
  • 5
    Which member of the Sohma family is cursed by the tigers spirit?
    Haru Shoma
    Hiro Sohma
    Kyo Sohma
    Momiji Sohma
    Kisa Sohma
  • 6
    Why is Kyo so intent on leaving for Kazuma's dojo in the beginning of volume 6?
    He cant stand living under the same roof as Yuki
    He's looking for an excuse to run away and does not want Tohru to find out his secret.
    He missed his step father so much
    Kazuma convinced him to go
    His step father made a promise to him that would enable Kyo to return someday
  • 7
    What are Yuki's feeling Toward Akito Sohma?
    He's never met Akito
    He's good friends with Akito
    He's terrified of him
    He thinks nothing of Akito
    He's in love with Akito
  • 8
    In volume #4, Shigure refers to Tohru as...
    a cutie
    an object
    an obstacle
    a bad influence
    a tranquilizer
  • 9
    How did Tohru say her father died?
    Heart disease
    He was in a car accident with Tohru's mother
    The flu
  • 10
    When Valentines day comes around, Tohru decides to give chocolate to everybody, including Yuki. What was his return gift?
    His gift was a trip to the hot springs
    a ribbon
    He gave no return gift
    He took her on a date
  • 11
    Which member of the Sohma family was an outcast due to his unfortunate spirit animal?
    Yuki Sohma as the rat
    Hiro Sohma as the sheep
    Kyo Sohma as the cat
    Haru Sohma as the ox
    Hatori Sohma as the dragon
  • 12
    Who is Kagura Sohma so violently in love with?
    Ayame Sohma
    Yuki Sohma
    Haru Sohma
    Kyo Sohma
    Shigure Sohma
  • 13
    How many years separate Ayame and Yuki?
    11 years
    8 years
    10 years
    5 years
    15 years
  • 14
    Who was Haru Sohma's first love?
    Rin Sohma
    Tohru Honda
    Kisa Sohma
    Yuki Sohma
    Kyo Sohma
  • 15
    Who does Tohru choose?
    All hints point to Momiji! He's just so darn Cuuuute!
    Kyo Sohma
    Haru Sohma
    Yuki Sohma
    It is unknown at this point

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