Which Weasley Boy Are You? (A Harry Potter Quiz)

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Are you Bill, Charlie, Percy, Ron, or The Twins? Find out which Weasley boy you are!

  • 1
    Draco Malfoy has just made a cutting remark about your family. What do you do?
    Impossible, he'd be too afraid to say anything to your face.
    See red and pummel him with your fists.
    Shake your head and, in an almost sympathetic way, think of how utterly pathetic Malfoy is.
    Slip a body-altering substance into his soup.
    You are too absorbed in your own thoughts to hear him anyway.
  • 2
    How are you with girls?
    They're impressed with my ambition and status.
    I'm charming, confident, and laidback... I catch their eye easily.
    Sort of like a bull in a china shop, actually.
    It's all fun and games with girls.
    They're in awe of my bravery and think my fiery freckles are cute.
  • 3
    What does your mother reprimand you for?
    My risky job.
    My obsession with authority.
    My role as the school's imp and hellion.
    My tendency to act before thinking.
    My hair and clothes.
  • 4
    What do you value?
    Loyalty and fame.
    Power and status.
    Good cheer, good laughs...
    A challenging risk.
    Cleverness and confidence.
  • 5
    You're at home and have some spare time. What do you do?
    I help my hard-working parents with the chores and anything else they need done.
    Write long, eloquent letters to my girlfriend and prospective employers.
    Make things go boom in my room.
    Breed wild creatures in the attic and perhaps go for a spin on my broom
    Play chess.
  • 6
    In Quidditch you...
    Play as seeker.
    Are a loyal spectator.
    Play beater.
    Play keeper.
    Tend to lose my customary composure and scream wildly when my favorite team wins.
  • 7
    Which Hogwarts staff member do you look up to in school?
    Lupin, because he was a great teacher, especially compared to that idiot Lockhart.
    Hagrid - he's got a big heart and a great appreciation for nature's finest beasts.
    Dumbledore, because he's at the top of the food chain.
    McGonagall - she has a level head and a very wry sense of humor beneath that strict facade.
    Flitwick, because he's too nice to give out detentions.
  • 8
    On Diagon Alley, where can you be found?
    Office of the Daily Prophet
    Gambol and Japes
    Magical Menagerie
    Quality Quidditch Supplies
    Gringotts Wizarding Bank
  • 9
    It's past curfew at Hogwarts. Where are you?
    Searching the halls for rule-breakers.
    In my house's common room, reading and also chatting pleasantly with those around me.
    Sneaking through one of the secret passages out of the school.
    In the Restricted Section of the library.
    Setting beasts loose from the top of the Astronomy Tower.
  • 10
    Your opinion of Cornelius Fudge?
    Deserves all the respect accorded to one in his station.
    Poor man... must be difficult to go through life without a brain.
    A great moron is what he is.
    Has a narrow view on non-wizard creatures.
    He's easily embarrassed.

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