Which Non-Gryffindor Girl Would You Date?

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Which non-Gryffindor girl from the Harry Potter novels would you date?

  • 1
    Where would you buy your girl a gift?
    Quality Quidditch Supplies
    Madam Malkin's
    Obscure Books
    Magical Menagerie
    Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor
  • 2
    What are your preferences when it comes to looks?
    A girl who takes care to put on makeup and strive for the most flawless look.
    Petite, fit and pretty.
    I like girls who look sweet and wholesome.
    She needs to have her own unique sense of style.
    I don't mind if the girl is larger than I am.
  • 3
    What animal would your girl like?
    duck-billed platypus
    bunny rabbit
  • 4
    How does your honey draw you in?
    She plays hard to get.
    She smiles sweetly and blushes.
    She doesn't care what others think of her... I'm impressed by that.
    She flatters me no end.
    She gives me a long, hard look and just dares me to approach.
  • 5
    How does your girl do at school?
    She's very smart but doesn't always apply herself to schoolwork.
    She's at school more to climb the social ladder than to learn.
    It's kind of hard to tell; she's the silent type.
    Perhaps stronger on theoretical work than practical spells, but can do really well on both with the right teacher.
    She's a hard worker and does well, but could be more confident about her academic abilities.
  • 6
    How do others react to your girl?
    They accept her easily; she fits right in.
    She intimidates people.
    She is the leader of her clique, and her friends want to be like her.
    She's very popular and pretty, so they flock around her.
    They don't know what to make of her or what to expect next from her...
  • 7
    When you're tired, what does your girlfriend do?
    Gives me a shoulder rub.
    Grows bored and starts looking for others to hang out with.
    Asks me to give her some money, because she knows I'll be too exhausted to refuse.
    Gathers me into her arms in an enormous hug.
    Keeps me awake and entertained with her latest theories and observations.
  • 8
    At a Quidditch game, what does your girlfriend do?
    Waits by the opponent team's changing room in the hopes of catching one of the team members all alone...
    Reads a book or magazine.
    Plays for her house team.
    Fawns over the star players.
    Cheers and supports her house team from the sidelines.
  • 9
    What do you expect from your relationship?
    Comfort, trust, and warmth
    The unexpected
    To play the passive role and be overpowered
    A partner in your rise to power
    Ups and downs
  • 10
    What does your girl worry about?
    Does sometimes wonder whether people take her seriously
    Doesn't always know what she wants
    Insecure about her appearance (though she'd never let on)
    Doubts whether she's pretty or popular enough.
    Not confident enough about her schoolwork

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