Think You Know Pulp Fiction?

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This is a quiz for all the snobs out there who always rant and rave about how great Pulp Fiction is when asked about there favorite movie.How well do you really know it? Word for word? Did you really understand it? Let's find out!

  • 1
    Who directed Pulp Fiction?
    Quentin Tarantino.
    What's Pulp Fiction?
    Is it that one guy who did Kill Bill?
    Peter Jackson. Wait... That was Lord of the Rings. God I love that Movie. There needs to be a board game of that movie. It would be almost as good as D and D!
  • 2
    Which one of the Vega brother's is a main character in the story?
    Vincent Vega
    Vic Vega
    I wish I had a Sony Vega Plasma TV so I could watch Lord of the Rings on it. That'd be awesome.
  • 3
    Who plays the above mentioned Vega?
    Mark Madsen (The Mad Dog!)
    Is there anybody from Lord of the Rings in it?
    Michael Madsen
    John Travolta
  • 4
    From what country has Vega returned from?
    Middle earth? That'd be so awesome!
  • 5
    In the above mentioned country from which our anti-hero "(blank) Vega" has just returned, you can buy "(blank) at the movie theatre", and they put "blank" on their French fries.
    soda, ketchup
    Movie theatre? I saw Lord of the Rings at in a movie theatre. At least I think it was a movie theatre; it was a dark place kind of like a dungeon. Total reminded me of D and D!
    beer, and I'm not talking about no paper cup, I'm talking about a GLASS of beer/mayonnaise; I'm serious man, I've seen them, drown them in the S**t.
    hash, hash
    beer, mayonnaise
  • 6
    Tell me again about the hash farms? ( This pertains the movie, I do not support the use of or selling of illegal substances).
    They smoke something from a pipe in Lord of the Rings.
    It breaks down like this; it's legal to buy it, it's legal to smoke it, if you're the proprietor of a hash farm it's legal to sell it, it's legal to carry it, but that don't matter anyway, because, get this, if the cops pull you over in Amsterdam, it is illegal for them to search you.
    hash browns?
    Well, what you want to know? " It's legal there right?" It's legal, but it isn't exactly legal. You can't just pull out a joint at a coffee shop and start smoking it.
  • 7
    There's an actor in this movie, who also plays Mace Windo in the new Star Wars Series. Name the actor and the character he portrays in Pulp Fiction.
    Samuel L. Jackon, Jules.
    Star Wars is kind of like Lord of the Rings. Lord of the Rings is better though.
    F*** Lando Calrisian!
    Lando Calrisian.
  • 8
    Who's case are Vega, and (blank), trying to recover from an apartment in one of the movie's first scenes?
    Marsellus Wallace's
    Tony Rocky Horror's
    Frodo should have just carried that darn ring in a case of some kind. Would have stopped a whole mess of trouble.
  • 9
    Who plays Marsellus Wallace?
    Viggo Mortensen? He was so good in Lord of the Rings!
    Denzel Washington
    Michael Clarke Duncan
    Ving Rhames.
  • 10
    How did Tony Rocky Horror get messed up?
    He and his LOTR friends got into it a fight while playing a rousing game of D and D.
    Would you please stop making fun of me for playing Dungeons and Dragons?
    He pissed off Gandolf.
    He was thrown off a balcony by Marcellus Wallace, but no one knows why except for Tony and Marcellus.
    He was thrown off a balcony by Marsellus Wallace for giving a foot massage to Mrs. Wallace
  • 11
    What was Tony Rocky Horror's ethnicity?
    Was he a dragon?
    I think he was a hobbit maybe.
    Was he Elfish?
    half black, half Samoan
  • 12
    Where does Butch keep his wristwatch?
    Seriously, stop making fun of me for liking Lord of the Rings.
    up his butt like his father before him.
    bedside table, on the little kangaroo
    on his wrist?
    I don't remember anyone named Butch in Lord of the Rings.
  • 13
    Who was looking in the mirror and wanted a pot? What's a pot? Why did this charcater want a pot?
    a pot is something that I keep plants in.
    it would have been smart to keep the ring in a pot. not as good as a case, but it would have stopped a whole mess of trouble!
    Fabian/ a pot belly silly/ a pot belly is sexy.
  • 14
    What's in the case?
    I've got the Lord of The Rings collectors case.
    my bosses dirty laundry.
    I keep my D and D set in a special collectors box.
    although it is never truly revealed and it is certainly up for discussion, I've always though that the contents of the case was symbolic of Marsellus Wallace's soul.
  • 15
    Who is The Wolf?
    I'm going to cast some kind of spell on you if you keep mixing D and D.
    He's a man who solves problems, played by Harvey Keitel.
    Did you say something about Gandolf? Alright! Now I'm starting to get into this quiz!
    No, you're way off, the game involves dragons, there aren't any wolves.
  • 16
    Mrs. Wallace reserves what kind of booth at which restaurant?
    A Chrysler, Jack Rabbit Slims.
    A Buick, Fat Jack's Bar and Grill
    Did she reserve a booth in the shape of a Dragon?
    Whoa! There should totally be a Lord of the Rings restaurant.
  • 17
    Speaking of Mrs. Wallace, what's her first name and who plays her?
    Mia, Uma Thurman
    You know, you are just a jerk, Lord of the Rings was great cinematic experience.
    it doesn't specify, but Uma Thurman plays her. She looks good in that yellow jumpsuit get up too.
    Samwise, Sean Astin
  • 18
    The relationship between Mia and Vega might draw parallels to an old mythological story. Which one?
    Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.
    mythological sounds like magical; are you finally turning a cheek and making this quiz about D and D?
    Lord of the Rings! Please let it be Lord of the Rings for this one!
    What's a mythological?
  • 19
    What biblical verse does Vega's partner like to recite to someone he is about to shoot?
    You know what? I bet you've seen Pulp Fiction more times than I've seen Lord of the Rings. Who's the real obsessor?
    Ezekiel 25:17
    You know, if the whole world would just believe in the divinity of Lord of the Rings, no one would need the bible.
    Ephesians 1:14
    John 3:16
  • 20
    Lastly, with the change in life style that Vega's partner decides to take in the end of the movie, what message might you take away from the film as a whole?
    I realize now I've wasted my entire life playing Dungeons and Dragons. Please Help Me.
    That, although we may all do bad things sometimes, it's important for our own conscience and for the good of society, that we try to be good people.
    LOTR 4ever!
    Gandolf and Frodo are 100 times cooler than both (blank) Vega and his partner, so you can go to hell!

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Snuldr ( 99.38 )
Posted 103 days ago
If you are going to make a Pulp Fiction test, make a pulp fiction test. If you love Lord of the rings, than make a test for that (and fill it with stupid pulp fiction references)
Josh ( 9.175 )
Posted 157 days ago
Mia reserved a car. The car that was available was the Chrysler (she didn't reserve the Chrysler)
Hash BAR not Hash FARM
Seriously tho... What's with all the LOTR stuff?
Biff ( 7.138 )
Posted 242 days ago
Amsterdam is a city in the country of Holland.