What is Your View of Revelation?

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10 Questions - Developed by: Matthew Rose - Developed on: - 4.712 taken

Christians Tend to Hold 1 of 5 Views of the Book of Revelation.

  • 1
    What do the 7 churches in chapters 2-3 signify?
    I Haven't Decided What they represent
    These Apply to the Whole Christian Church in Any Age
    The 7 Periods of Church History
    I Didn't Know This Section of Revelation Existed
    Actual Conditions of 7 Churches Existing in That Day
  • 2
    What Does the Opening of the 7 Sealed Scroll (Chapters 4-7) Represent?
    The Beginning of the Fall of the Roman Empire
    God's General Dealing with Mankind in Judgment
    The Rapture of the Church & Beginning of the Great Tribulation
    Judgment Upon Jerusalem from A.D. 66-70
    I Have Absolutely No Idea
  • 3
    Who Are the 144,000?
    Jews Who Will Convert During the Great Tribulation
    I've Never Thought About it and/or Don't Care
    Either the Entire Church or the First Jewish Converts
    Jewish Converts Who Escaped Jerusalem Prior to A.D. 70
    The # Represents the True Church in Any/All Age(s)
  • 4
    What Do the 7 Trumpets Represent?
    Calamities During the 7 Year Tribulation
    A Series of Invasions Against the Roman Empire
    Signs of God's Displeasure with Sinful Humanity in General
    I Haven't a Clue
    Disaster Inflicted by the Romans On Jerusalem in A.D. 70
  • 5
    What Do The 1,260 Days in Chapters 11-13 Represent?
    The 1,260 Year Reign of Papal Rome
    I Have No Opinion
    The Entire Church Age
    Half of the 7 Year Tribulation
    The Duration of the Jewish War (AD 66-70)
  • 6
    What Do The 7 Bowls of Wrath Represent?
    Judgment Upon the Papacy (Beginning with the French Revolution)
    The Disasters Described Occur Repeatedly Throughout History
    God's Wrath Against 1st Century Jerusalem (and Possibly Rome)
    The Very End of the Great Tribulation, WWIII
    I Don't Know, But I'm Getting Tired of This Test
  • 7
    Who or What does Babylon Represent
    The Evil World Systems Collectively
    Maybe 1st Century Jerusalem, Maybe the Roman Empire
    Papal Rome
    The Revived Roman Empire
    Hmmm...I give up
  • 8
    The Book of Revelation...
    Promises the Fall of Roman Catholicism
    Gives us a View of Future Events
    Was Incredibly Relevant to its Original Readers
    Is Too Confusing to Spend Time On
    Teaches Us Principles of God's Sovereignty
  • 9
    If I Could Only Listen to One Person Teach on Revelation, It Would be...
    R.C. Sproul
    Hal Lindsey
    1 Too Many
    William Hendriksen
    Matthew Henry
  • 10
    The Left Behind Books...
    Are Quite Ridiculous
    I Don't Know, But They Sure Are Popular
    Are, At Best, Good Fiction
    Are Quite Possibly Realistic
    Are Probably Quite Accurate

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