Which Harry Potter Creature Are You?

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Around the grounds of Hogwarts, which distinctive creature are you?

  • 1
    What would be your ideal job?
    Airforce pilot
  • 2
    Someone has insulted you to your face. How do you react?
    I give a scathing reply and keep a closer watch on this individual in the future.
    I sense that perhaps the person didn't really mean it. I believe in second chances, and allow myself to forgive.
    I serenely turn my back on this person and move away.
    I become deeply offended and react aggressively.
    I think that this person needs some cheering up, and begin to crack jokes.
  • 3
    How would you spend your leisure time?
    Relax in the afternoon sun.
    Go for a nice long swim.
    Take up voice lessons.
    Go hunting in a nearby forest.
    Play a vigorous game of tag in the open air.
  • 4
    What is your element?
    I am at home both in the air and on the earth.
  • 5
    What is your attitude towards friends and relationships?
    I'm pretty easygoing - I don't mind being alone, and I don't mind when people drift by to visit me.
    I tend to be unapproachable, but there are some people who have earned my respect.
    I am very close to one particular person, who understands me and my complexities.
    I like making friends with as many people as I can.
    I am close to one person, who understands my need for independence and personal space.
  • 6
    What do you value?
    Comfort, wisdom, and loyalty
    Respect and self-assurance
    Serenity and individuality
    Intellect and shrewdness
    High spirits and good cheer
  • 7
    Someone you like is reading a painful and distressing letter. What do you do?
    Stay nearby, lend an ear, and offer some of my own solace.
    Sniff the letter suspiciously to see if it's tainted with any strange substances.
    Oh, dear, I delivered that letter so I just have to stay around and cheer the person up!
    I am not very good at giving comfort, so I give the person some space and stay to the side.
    I beckon them to join me and forget their troubles for a while...
  • 8
    Tell me something about your appearance.
    I'm cute as a button.
    Here I stand, proud and stately... observe me if you wish, but at a distance.
    I have a laidback posture and long limbs.
    I have days in which I look very fine, and days in which I look worn out.
    I'm in dire need of a hair cut.
  • 9
    How do you interact with people?
    I will permit certain people some liberties, but only if they find favor with me.
    I love any bit of affection I get.
    I like when I'm offered an arm.
    I enjoy being stroked on the back and belly, but only by certain people.
    I'm rather ticklish, if you must know...
  • 10
    In a crisis situation, what's your best means of defense?
    I flutter around nervously and give any attackers a headache.
    I pounce and scratch.
    I am large, fierce and predatory... unless you've got me chained to the ground, you'd best not mess with me.
    I'm rather good at rescuing people, actually, by catching them up and hurrying them to safety.
    I go for the eyes.

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