Which Male Hogwarts Teacher Would You Date?

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From the Harry Potter novels, who from a possible five male Hogwarts teachers would you consider dating?

  • 1
    If this teacher paid a visit to the Forbidden Forest, what would he be doing?
    Exploring and acquainting himself with the wildlife.
    Harvesting certain plants and herbs.
    Consciously avoiding the more dangerous areas.
    Having a pleasant picnic.
    Hiding from other people.
  • 2
    Your honor has been publicly dragged through the mud. What does he do?
    Defends you constantly, publicly, giving speeches on your behalf and talking to everyone he can.
    He digs up loads of dirt on all your accusers and blackmails them.
    He lends you quiet support and advice.
    He weeps at your plight and then offers to defend your honor in a duel.
    Distances himself from you.
  • 3
    A particular feature that catches your attention?
    A pretty distinctive tattoo.
    Wild hair.
    A picture perfect smile.
    Some facial scars.
  • 4
    You've had a long stressful day and show up late for a date you had scheduled with him in the evening. How does he react?
    Smiles sympathetically and offers to listen and give you advice on your troubles.
    If he's still waiting there, he makes a sarcastic remark or two or three...
    Grows emotionally distressed that you've had a bad day and tells you repeatedly how very sorry he is that you had to suffer.
    You find him deep in conversation with some other woman (or women).
    He doesn't mind, seeing as he'll probably show up late himself.
  • 5
    What do his fingers look like?
    Neatly groomed, but a bit hairy.
    Fine-boned and small.
    Thick and rough.
    Pale, slender, and strong.
  • 6
    What draws you to him?
    He radiates a quiet strength, deep intelligence, and has a wry sense of humor
    He's incredibly handsome and popular.
    He has both tremendous power and skill, but also such a gentle spirit.
    He is a gentle soul and wise in his own way.
    Intelligence, dark humor, commanding presence
  • 7
    What turns you off about him?
    He's too shallow.
    He sometimes seems to put his pets above you.
    He's too old.
    He's got a recurring physical problem.
    He's too mean.
  • 8
    On a first date he would...
    Take you out to a popular play, opera or musical.
    Invite you for a sumptuous dinner in his chambers.
    Take you to a quiet tea shop where you'd talk for hours.
    Invite you to the most expensive restaurant in town.
    Ask you to go hiking with him.
  • 9
    Which female staff member does he constantly avoid?
    Madam Pince
    He gets along with them all
    Madam Pomfrey
    Professor Trelawney
    Professor McGonagall
  • 10
    Which poet or poets might he read?
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
    old anonymous ballads
    Alexander Pope and Edgar Allan Poe
    Dr. Seuss
    Robert Frost

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