Which Sign of the Zodiac Are You Most Like?

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"Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces . . . " Just like Beyonce's song "Signs", every sign is unique in it's own way. However, are you most like your sign? Or will this quiz prove that you are not similar to your sign at all? Take this quiz to find out what sign you are most like!

  • 1
    Which, of these colors, is your favorite?
  • 2
    Which type of guy would you most like to date?
  • 3
    What word(s) best describes you?
  • 4
    What type of music do you prefer?
  • 5
    Which reality show do you spend the most time watching?
    American Idol
    Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica
    Fear Factor
    America's Next Top Model
  • 6
    Where would you want to travel to the most?
    New York City
    The Caribbean
  • 7
    How often do you surf the 'Net?
    5-10 hours weekly
    0-5 hours weekly
    10-15 hours weekly
    15-20 hours weekly
    Over 20 hours weekly
  • 8
    What is your opinion on . . . Orlando Bloom?
    Totally hot and awesome actor!
    Eeew! Gross! He can't act, and he's sure not hot!
    Cute, and a good actor, but can't get crazy about it.
    Orlando who?
    He's hot, but his acting sucks.
  • 9
    What is your opinion on . . . Benji/Joel Madden?
    Totally hot and really talented musicians! GC rocks!
    They're okay looking, and their music is okay too.
    They're untalented freaks!
    Hot, but their music isn't great.
    Hate their music, but love their clothing company, Made.
  • 10
    What is your opinion on . . . Ashton Kutcher?
    Totally hot and funny! I love him!
    Cute, but his acting's okay.
    Not hot at all! But is an okay actor.
    He's hot; not wild about his acting though.
    Ugh, can't stand him.
  • 11
    What did you think of the 'your opinion' questions?
    All had talent, but they weren't hot.
    Some were way hot, while others were not.
    They were annoying!
    Awesome! All those guys were at least cute, and had some kind of talent.
    I thought they were okay.
  • 12
    What do you think of this quiz?
    I'm just interested in what my results will be.
    I'm loving it!
    I find it interesting.
    I hate it! I want it to end!
    It's okay.
  • 13
    Which foreign language do you want to learn the most?
  • 14
    If you went onto Fear Factor, which event would you most definitely NOT be looking forward to: the mentally or physically challenging ones?
    Fear Factor?
    I hate both of them, and would never do either!
    The mentally challenging ones (eating bugs, drinking pig blood, etc.)
    The physically challenging ones (walking on a beam 100 feet up in the air, etc.)
    I love both of them!
  • 15
    If you went to a theme park with your friends, which would be your favorite ride?
    That ride that flips you more times than you can count.
    The 300-foot new hyper coaster!
    The swings.
    The log flume.
    The carousel.
  • 16
    What do you fear the most?
  • 17
    What type of exercise do you do?
    Exercise machines
    Anything out in nature; walking, running, hiking, etc.
  • 18
    What type of movie would you most like to see in theaters?
    Chick flick
  • 19
    Which magazine do you enjoy reading the most?
    National Geographic
    Don't like magazines
  • 20
    On a scale of one to ten, what would you give this quiz?
    A three. There were only a few questions I actually thought were interesting.
    A zero. It sucked!
    A seven. It was interesting, and the questions weren't entirely stupid.
    A five. It was alright.
    A ten! Loved it!

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Wylie ( 3.239 )
Posted 81 days ago
For 35 % you are: You are most like a Gemini. Geminis are positive people who are extremely sociable and happy, and change their mind often.
21 % of 34783 Quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 25 % you are: You are most like a Scorpio. Highly opinionated, Scorpios may seem to have a hard outside, but their inside is soft and squishy. They like to do things their own way. Profile B

Or even this one:
For 20 % you are: You are most like a Sagittarius. Like other Sags, you are generous, understanding, and kind. You like to work on large projects. Profile C

Or even this one:
For 15 % you are: You are most like a Pisces. Kind, caring, and thoughtful, Pisces show a love for nature and anything living inside of it. Profile D

Or even this one:
For 5 % you are: You are most like a Libra. Libra individuals are unique, talented, and have excellent taste and charm. Usually, they excel in the arts. Profile E

I'm a Pisces
pipperoni ( 8.207 )
Posted 81 days ago
i was sag on this, thats my moon sign aswell !
Lily ( 7.175 )
Posted 133 days ago
I'm Scorpio and on this quiz I'm Scorpio! BUT I WANT TO BE AQUARIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ruby ( 2.185 )
Posted 245 days ago
25% Gemini
20% Scorpio
20% Sagittarius
20% Libra
15% Pisces
Jaidyn ( 6.227 )
Posted 267 days ago
I'm Capricorn and I'm -according to this-
45% Scorpio
15% Sagittarius
15% Gemini
15% Pieces
10% Libra

My moon sign is Leo btw.
quia ( 25.85 )
Posted 314 days ago
i'm 20% of all of them! but i'm actually a Capricorn