Which Trigun Character are You?

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Do you love Trigun so much that you want to know which character you are? Well, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to my Which Trigun Character Are You’ quiz. There are ten questions for you too answer so without any more a due I officially commence this quiz! Enjoy!

  • 1
    What best describes you?

    Faithful, patient yet easily annoyed
    Happy on the outside but dark and mysterious on the inside
    A man/woman of god, with good dress sense
    Always happy and bright yet slightly stupid
    A 100% evil person, around just to cause havoc.
  • 2
    What would you be more likely to say?

    “Your very existence seems to cause me undue irritation.”
    “Love and Peace!”
    “You should never get between someone and their pudding!”
    “If we stay the same, there’s no individuality”
    “What the hell am I saying! Where is that idiot!”
  • 3
    You find a stranger stranded in the desert, almost dead. What do you do?

    Pick them up and take them to safety, as I’m sooo strong
    Help them out! They could die if you didn’t!
    What? Me in the desert?
    Keep walking let them suffer
    I am the stranger… Help me!
  • 4
    What time do you like to wake up in the morning?

    I don’t need sleep my plants give me energy
    Mmmm, good question. Depends how late I was up last night writing letters to my family.
    Early, must have some hotdogs and pancakes so I have enough energy for my day.
    I don’t know usually the children wake me up
    Nice and early so no one else will be awake to see me leave
  • 5
    How do you like your hair cut?

    I like it up and spiky
    I like mine covering my face, the latest style in December City
    My big big sister cuts mine for me!
    I don’t cut my hair. I go with that 'messy' look!
    I cut my own hair in dark rooms, as I don’t trust anyone else.
  • 6
    Surprise! Happy birthday! What is your present?
    A lifetime supply of pancakes!
    More hair gel! Awesome!
    News of another town destroyed!
    Pudding! Yay! Yay! Yay!
    Johnny Walker Blue! Bottoms up!
  • 7
    You get a call from a mysterious stranger; he says that you life is about to end… today? How do you react?
    You are the stranger, hee! hee!
    “Okay, that’s nice” and then start talking to them
    Say: “are you sure it’s not your life you human?”
    Hang up the phone and go for a smoke
  • 8
    You get a new pet. What do you call it?
    You decide to let your kids at the orphanage name it
  • 9
    You witness a murder happing, do you?
    Stun-gun the murder! He’s so mean!
    Do nothing
    Make the victim witness the murder. Show them the pain of living.
    Jump in! Save the victim but do not harm the murder
    Shoot the murder and save the victim
  • 10
    Last question, what would you do if you saw a helpless old lady slowly trying to cross the street, with angry drivers ready to run her over?
    Nothing, absolutely nothing!
    Jump onto the road, crash into the old lady hence knocking her over and breaking her hip.
    Yell at the cars, telling them to shut up and wait for her to get across
    Run onto the road and help her across telling everyone off for not being patient.
    Make the drivers go forward with your mind

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