The One With the REAL Friends fans

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The best Friends quiz for someone who wants to make sure they are the original Central Perk genius

  • 1
    Where do Ross and Phoebe nearly do it?
    A pool table
    Phoebe's apartment
    Ross' apartment
    Disney land - 'it's a small world after all'
  • 2
    Why doesn't Chandler except Gill Goodacre's gum?
    because it's not sugarless
    because gum is not perfection
    because he doesn't want to look stupid
    because he is allergic to gum
    because he had a bad experience with it and 300 guys in high school
  • 3
    What does Phoebe hand out at her Grandmother's funeral?
    Phoebe Buffet Cds
    3D glasses
  • 4
    What children's TV character does Phoebe not know?
    Sabrina the teenage witch
    Barney the dinosaur
    Krusty the clown
    Bart Simpson
    Fry from Futurama
  • 5
    The Friends find out Ross is seeing Janice how?
    When she leaves a message on his answerphone
    When Joey overhears them on the phone
    When Chandler sees them kissing in the street
    When her ex-husband calls round to question the Friends
    When he leaves his scarf in her car
  • 6
    What did Monica break as a fat child?
    The dining room chair
    The garden swing
    Chi Chi the dog
    Rachel's nose
    Ross' leg
  • 7
    What did Chandler do to earn his pocket money as a child?
    Appear in his father's drag act
    Pluck his father and his friends' eyebrows
    Give the whole family makeovers
    Make his father's dresses
    Type up his mother's books
  • 8
    What was special about Monica's prom date?
    He was the fattest boy in school
    He was the first boy Monica kissed
    He was captain of the football team
    He was bi
    He saw Star Wars over and over
  • 9
    After Eddie moves out and Joey moves back in, the 1st thing him and Chandler do is play foos ball, instead of a ball they use...
    Eddie's plastic goldfish
    A cantelope
    A tomato
    An egg
    A potato
  • 10
    Why is Phoebe not scared by the blackout?
    the cat has gone
    she played in the dark as a kid
    she stays away from dairy
    Chandler isn't there
    Paulo is there
  • 11
    Ross used to dress up as a woman, his preferred drink when dressed up was...
    ginger beer
  • 12
    Frank Jr fell in love with his teacher, what did she teach?
    Home Economics
  • 13
    Why does Ross pay Phoebe at the hospital?
    to fetch his book
    to start singing
    To stop singing
    to hit Joey
    to get carol some ice chips
  • 14
    What surname does Carol first suggest for the baby?
    Willick - Bunch
    Geller - Willick
    Geller - Willick - Bunch
    Bunch - Willick
    Willick - Geller - Bunch
  • 15
    What was amazing about Monica smashing up the football table?
    Most of the time she didn't even use the tools
    She didn't hit chick jr and duck jr
    She was stronger than Joey and Chandler put together
    She didn't break a nail
    It took her two minutes

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