Which Bundy are You?

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Are you a Bundy? The answer to your burning question lies here in this test.

  • 1
    What's your idea of a party?
    The nudey bar!
    Hanging out with tough biker dudes
    You said there's a party? Why wasn't I invited?
    Have a few b*tches over at the house, you know.
    Home shopping
  • 2
    What's your favorite movie/tv show?
    Who has time for TV?
    Aerobics. "On your back and two and three and........"
    "Patsy: Portrait of a Stewardess in Training"
    Oprah. Oh, wait...... Sally Jesse.......or Geraldo.....
    That Lassie sure is hot!
  • 3
    What color is your hair?
    What hair? The hair on my back is brown.
  • 4
    Do you like the French?
    French poodles! Hubba hubba.
    No way! What a bunch of wussies!
    French kissing is great.....
    Sure, my blow up doll likes to wear a French Maid costume........
    Did they invent Bon Bons?
  • 5
    Great! I played back in high school. Back before I married that thing....
    Chew toy.
    I banged the quarterback, does that count?
    Interrupts my stories!
    The team stuffed me in a locker once.......
  • 6
    Heels. They go great with my mini skirts.
    I just ordered 3 pairs from HSN with my hubby's credit card
    My blow up doll doesn't need shoes.
    If I see another shoe I swear to God.......
    Chew toys
  • 7
    My best friend:
    Stole my boyfriend so I kicked her a$$
    Married a chicken.
    Is in my husbands wallet.
  • 8
    Wanna go upstairs?
    I'm already there. With my blow up doll.
    Didn't you hear me? I said, "Wanna go upstairs?"
    Naw, I like the back seat.
    Aw, not now. The games on!
  • 9
    Favorite appliance?
    Curling iron
    Phone (555-HOT-LOVE, remember?)
    Can opener
  • 10
    "Big 'Uns!"
    My favorite magazine
    Got 'em.
    Only when I stuff
    I saw some once, with my binoculars. The lady two houses down.......
    My girlfriend has eight of them!

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