Plot twists in "24"!

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How much do you know about plot twists in 24? Test your knowledge here...

  • 1
    In Season 1, who did CTU discover was a mole in the hour between 7.00am and 8.00am?
    George Mason
    Jamey Farrell
    Tony Almeida
    Nina Myers
  • 2
    Who blew up CTU?
    Syed Ali/Second Wave
    Joe Wald's gang
    Ryan Chappelle
    Nina Myers
  • 3
    Which of the Warner family was a CIA informant?
    Reza Naiyeer
    Kate Warner
    Marie Warner
    Bob Warner
  • 4
    Who ordered the military evacuation during the hour between 1.00pm and 2.00pm on Season 2?
    Lynne Kresge
    Eric Rayburn
    Mike Novick
    Roger Stanton
  • 5
    Who killed Reza Naiyeer?
    Marie Warner
    Syed Ali
    Bob Warner
  • 6
    Who locked Kim in a bomb shelter?
    Lonny McCrae
    Ramon Garcia
    Gary Matheson
  • 7
    How does Paula die?
    Shot in the chest by Jack
    Shot in the chest by Nina
    At the hands of Syed Ali
    In a bomb blast
  • 8
    Why did Jack ask George Mason for a hacksaw?
    To separate Marshall Goren's handcuffs
    To cut off a table leg to beat Marshall Goren to death with
    To cut off Marshall Goren's head
  • 9
    Who reappeared in the last hour of Season 2 to give Palmer an almost-fatal handshake?
    Kevin Carroll
    Ira Gaines
    Alexis Drazen
  • 10
    Who did Tony Almeida marry in the years between Season 2 and Season 3?
    Nina Myers
    Michelle Dessler
    Sherry Palmer
    Kim Bauer
    Kate Warner
  • 11
    How was Lynne Kresge injured?
    Fell down stairs while being chased by a bad guy
    Sherry Palmer attacked her over an argument about the President
    Mike Novick knocked her out to stop her from talked to the President
  • 12
    Who did Kim Bauer kill between 5.00am and 6.00am?
    Carla Matheson
    The convenience store owner
    Lonny McCrae
    Gary Matheson
  • 13
    Who forged the Cyprus recording?
    Sherry Palmer
    Peter Kingsley
    Alex Hewitt
    Syed Ali
  • 14
    Who flew the bomb into the desert?
    Jack Bauer
    Tony Almeida
    Marie Warner
    George Mason
  • 15
    Who chopped Chase's arm off in Season 3?
    Ramon Salazar
    Hector Salazar
    Jack Bauer
    Kim Bauer
    Tony Almeida

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