Darren Shan: Which Character Are You?

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So, you like Darren Shan? Well if you're a devotee to the Saga and know every character inside-out, and even if you don't, take this quiz to determine which Darren Shan character you most resemble. After all, you just have to know...

  • 1
    What best describes you:
    The determined yet clumsy and foolish hero
    The quiet yet strong and deadly one
    The stiff upper lip who has good verbal skills and is easily annoyed
    A psychotic traditionalist who always keeps their word
    The charming outcast who is easily scared
  • 2
    Where are you most likely to be found?
    In the sewers
    Where the fun is!
    Nowhere fancy, decorations are unnecessary
    I’m always moving around
    Performing at a freak show
  • 3
    What kind of food do you like to eat?
    Whatever I can terrify people into giving me
    I can only cook stews
    Nutrition is more important than taste!
    Anything but bat broth!
    Anything I can find lying around
  • 4
    What form of transport do you prefer?
    I just let everyone else arrange transport
    Running or flitting
    Walking-do you think they’d give ME a drivers license?
    There is nothing wrong with public transport!
    I travel in mysterious ways which you would not understand…
  • 5
    Given the choice, what kind of pet would you prefer?
    None…I am the beast!
    Miniature pony
  • 6
    You find a half-starved person in the middle of the desert, what do you do?
    Give them your sandwich without a second thought
    Sit down next to them and woefully realise that you are also lost
    Finish them off
    Me...In a desert…just wandering around? Who do you think I am…Darren!
  • 7
    If you were walking down a dark alley and you saw someone being attacked, what would you do?
    Eat them both
    Join in
    Rush in and unsuccessfully try to beat up the bad guy
    Use your sleek and scaly skin to freak the bad guy out
    Be the heroic saviour by breathing on the bad guy
  • 8
    What do you prefer to do in your spare time?
    Watch people
    Take long walks
    Playing soccer
    Sitting down as you are unfit and easily tired
  • 9
    What do you do when you're all alone and it’s really cold?
    Don’t notice the cold
    Bear it
    I wouldn't go anywhere cold, I prefer to stay in big cities where there are lots of people
  • 10
    Imagine your in a coffee shop and the waiter/waitress spills coffee on you, how do you react?
    What would I be doing in a coffee shop? I prefer to be alone…
    Owww! Hot!
    Help the waiter/waitress clean up while lecturing them on how they need to be more careful
    Doesn’t worry me, I’ll still drink it no matter where it’s been
    Unconcerned about the spill as you’re too busy trying to hit on the waiter/waitress

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