What breed of dog are you?

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Are you a yapper, snapper, or napper?

  • 1
    A really annoying kid in your class has just asked you to his party. What's your response?
    "Does my hair look okay?"
    "I'm busy doing homework.."
    "Are my friends going to be there?"
    "Get out of my face, retard!"
  • 2
    You are on a hike with your friend when you take a wrong turn and are lost together in the woods. What do you do?
    Slap my friend in the face. It's all his fault!
    Use my keen navigation skills to lead us back to civilization
    Paint my nails
    Play a game with my friend to pass the time
  • 3
    When I hang pictures on the walls of my bedroom, they always feature...
    My friends
    Models wearing the latest styles
    Famous mathematicians

  • 4
    Your house is one fire! What do you do?
    Jump out the window
    Try to grab as many of my clothes as possible
    Save my family before saving myself
    Call the fire station
  • 5
    You're sitting through a very boring lesson in history class. You...
    Listen attentively
    Tell the teacher to shut up
    Talk to your friends
    Fiddle with your hair
  • 6
    A kidnapper has just entered your bedroom at night and is preparing to stuff you into his big, black bag. What do you do?
    Let out a little scream
    Attack him
    Devise an escape plan and call the police
    Smile and ask him his name

  • 7
    You have finished chewing a piece of gum. Unfortunately, you can't find a trash can to put it in. So, you...
    Stick it in someone's hair and walk away
    Give it to your friend as a birthday present
    Daintily flick it on the sidewalk
    Make your own trash can to put it in
  • 8
    You have a gigantic, red pimple on your nose and are embarrassed to walk into school. What do you do?
    Grin and bear it
    Punch anyone who tries to insult you
    Use your special acne formula to make it go away
    Cover it in makeup
  • 9
    Who did you vote for in the 2004 presidential election?
    John Kerry
    Britney Spears
    George Bush
    Howard Dean

  • 10
    You hope that when you die, you are remembered for your...
    Cool clothes
    Loud voice

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Patata ( 75074 )
Posted 9 hours ago
I am an austrailian sheep
Bunny face ( 18335 )
Posted 212 days ago
Great, now I'm a chihuahua :)
Bunny face ( 18335 )
Posted 212 days ago
I'm an Australian shepherd to. Love those dogs
maddison ( 97291 )
Posted 263 days ago
yayyyyy im a toy poodle yay omg so exited
Eve ( 57389 )
Posted 403 days ago
Yaaaayyy!i'm an australian sheperd ! I LOVE australian sheperds !😍