Friends Quiz Season 1-5

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15 Questions - Developed by: Phoebe - Developed on: - 11.737 taken

Some simple and some trickier questions for addicts like me.

  • 1
    What does Chandler's mother do for a living?
    sell make-up
    design fashion
    waitress at a gay bar
    host a TV-show
    write erotic novels
  • 2
    What does Ross do to get Ugly Naked Guy's apartment?
    he gets naked with him
    he lies on his application
    he pays him 2,000$
    he sends him a pinball machine
    he buys him gravity boots
  • 3
    To what quote does Chandler react with: "Oh my God, if you say that one more time I'm gonna break up with you!"
    Monica: "Rules help control the fun."
    Joey: "How you doin'?"
    Janice: "Hello, my Bing-a-ling!"
    Phoebe: "That was right after my mom killed herself."
    Ross: "We we're on a break!"
  • 4
    What does the woman who Mr Tribbiani has an affair with do for a living?
    she's an actress
    she's a pet mortician
    she sells toupets
    she's a hair-dresser
    she's a medical examiner
  • 5
    What does Pete Becker wanna be?
    the Ultimate Fighting Champion
    Monica's husband
    the richest man in America
    a Power Ranger
    a Ninja Turtle
  • 6
    What does Ross call his leave of absence from the museum?
    time of recreation
    violation of his rights
  • 7
    What was the name of the hamster of the messy girl Ross dated?
  • 8
    How do Rachel and Monica get their apartment back?
    they don't
    they win it back on a bet
    they talk the guys into giving it back
    they kiss for one minute and let Joey and Chandler watch
    they move everything back when Joey and Chandler aren't home
  • 9
    What keeps Phoebe up all night?
    bad dreams
    music from next door
    police sirens
    the fire alarm
    her grandmother's ghost
  • 10
    When did Monica lose weight?
    between Hanukka's 1987 and 1988
    between her birthdays 1986 and 1987
    between her Prom and Highschool Graduation
    between Christmas' 1988 and 1999
    between Thanksgivings' 1987 and 1988
  • 11
    What is the Geller Cup?
    a dessert Monica created
    a barbie on a pet horse
    a ninja turtle nailed to a 2X4
    a troll nailed to a 2X4
    an old football trophy
  • 12
    What fake name does Phoebe's father use at first?
    Brian Summer
    John Smith
    Joe Hill
    Franz Buff
    Joseph Smith
  • 13
    What is Chandler's comment on Monica's race car bed?
    "My bed's so boring!"
    "And where are you going with that tonight!
    "Where do you live? Disneyland?"
    "Someone missed their exit!"
    "I can't let you have that! You're a woman. Women can't drive!"
  • 14
    How long was the letter Rachel wrote Ross?
    24 pages - just the front
    18 pages - front and back
    15 pages - neatly written
    9 pages - scribbled like a ten-year-old
    19 pages - in tiny letters
  • 15
    Where does Chandler tell Janice his firm is transferring him to?

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