What Fantasy Creature Are You?

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I can't really say this quiz is terribly accurate, but have fun anyway! Hopefully it will tell you what creature from common fantasy stories you most identify with!

  • 1
    The sun is rising, and you wake up…but there is no food on the table! Your first thought is:
    Grrr. All this talk of food and the lack thereof is making me ANGRY!
    Nooo! Food is my life! Oh well. I’ll just steal some
    No bother. Food is but another commodity that binds us to an earthly existence.
    I’ll hunt my own food, thanks.
    Damn you, woman!
  • 2
    Now that you have eaten, you can begin your day and do…er…what you do. What is it you do again?
    Fool! Guard my sacred treasure of course! As if I would ever tell you where it is!
    Whatever I need to survive. As long as it doesn’t involve disgracing nature.
    Finish the stonecutting tools my comrades and I will use in the mines tomorrow.
    Play a little music, find me some beautiful ladies, and par-tay all night!
    There is nothing for me during the day but to ponder what I have seen in the stars the previous night.
  • 3
    You are walking along the path on your way to do…whatever it is that you do…when you come across a cloaked, elderly man who appears to need assistance. You:
    Hmm? A man in need? I will see what I can do, but I cannot guarantee what the Fates have in store for him.
    Keep your weapon at hand and head over to him. He appears to be no threat, and it would be wrong to leave an elder in a troubled state.
    Well…he seems harmless. I shall see what I can do. But not if it requires too much.
    I don’t have time to stop! Besides, he’s too sinewy to eat.
    Maybe there’s a lovely lady concealed beneath that cloak.
  • 4
    Lo and behold! The man removes his hood and it appears he is actually the reincarnation of an ancient Druid reborn as a wizard! He has a great task for you, if you choose to accept.
    Hmm…perhaps there is something to gain from this old man.
    What’s in it for me?
    Bah. Task! The Druids are fairy tales!
    What is the purpose?
    Task, you say? Interesting. I believe I saw something of this in the stars. Continue.
  • 5
    Apparently, the old wizard believes that some kid is the future High King who needs protection. The great Seers have glimpsed a great future for the boy…er, Arthur something…Point is, there’s gold involved.
    Gold buys food. Gold buys women. Women+food=happiness. I’m in! ^-^
    Gold, you say? Sounds profitable. I will join you.
    If it truly be an important cause as you say, then I shall assist you.
    The visions of the great ones never lie. I will join you in your quest.
    Gold, eh? Well, alright. But none of this magic nonsense.
  • 6
    You begin your journey, and along the way the wizard allows you to bring two trustworthy companions. Ideally you choose:
    My ax and me!
    The stars will be my guide.
    My flask and my favorite nymph.
    I only trust myself.
    Two of my brethren.
  • 7
    The sun begins to set. You need to find a good place to sleep. You choose:
    Preferably the mountaintops, where I can keep watch
    By some sort of pond. Beautiful maidens often wash themselves there. What? I’m just saying…
    Among the trees. The woods will hide us, and I feel comfortable among them.
    The forest clearing. I can see the stars from there.
    A cave would be most appropriate.
  • 8
    Morning comes. You and your companions set off once more until finally you reach the castle where the kid lives. But he’s being held hostage. What is your strategy?
    There are more of them than us, so we must be discreet. We need a plan.
    We will make an aerial attack, where they least expect it! And then bite off their heads!
    Er…I don’t much like fighting. Can’t we just, like, shake hands and make a truce? We could trade some gold for the boy!
    Break down the door! Take them all out! With my ax, there is no stopping us!
    Wait for the right moment. The heavens will send a sign.
  • 9
    At last, your plan succeeds (after much toiling). You reach the dungeons where the boy is captive and set him free. To thank you, he proclaims that you shall be his right hand man when he ascends to the throne. Your reaction is:
    Depends, sonny. Are there many women in this glorious future kingdom of yours?
    I would be delighted. I shall channel the guidance of the stars for you.
    That will not be necessary. My duty will be done when you are out of harms way. I wish you all the best, but my place is with my people.
    No, I’ll be taking my gold back to my people as soon as we’re finished here.
    Eeeexcellent. I mean- of course, my lord. I will do what I can to- ahem- help.
  • 10
    On the way to safety, it appears there is a young maiden in danger! She is tied to a tree, awaiting her doom by the hand of whatever creature has captured her! Your thoughts:
    You sense danger, but the need to save this woman is too great. You help her.
    I suppose I must help her. If I get eaten for this, I’ll never forgive that blasted wizard.
    Look to the sky for a sign. There is none, so you go to save her.
    I’m the one who tied her there! Mua ha ha ha ha!
    Gasp! A virgin maiden in distress! Save her! SAVE HER!
  • 11
    You’ve saved the maiden, and foiled the evil beast’s plan. Finally, you return to the castle, having brought the boy and the maiden to safety. They are eternally grateful. You may now return home.
    Wonderful. My mission is compete, but my full destiny is yet to be known. Life is ever the journey.
    Yay! A feast!
    Noooo! I’m ruined! Foolish mortals! You freed my virgin sacrifice!
    Satisfied, you return to your people with a new sense of pride and loyalty toward the future king.
    A rough journey, but I must admit, I will miss the old wizard. Though I am eager to return home with my new wealth. Then again, a few pints of ale couldn’t hurt…

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